The bizarre saga of the Exxxotica sex expo in Dallas continues. Earlier this month, the Dallas City Council voted 8-7 to ban the expo from returning to the the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in May. This effort was led by Dallas’ self appointed “Chief Brand Officer,” Mayor Mike Rawlings. In an unsurprising move, the expo is now suing, and the city’s prudishness might have rolled out the red carpet for a class action lawsuit.

Surprisingly, the first entity to sue Dallas over banning Exxxotica wasn’t the expo itself, but a potential patron and vendor. Or, as the Dallas Morning News put it, just a guy that wanted to go. Chino Salas, owner of Gentlemen’s Texas Magazine and, is seeking a temporary and permanent injunction that would ban Dallas from, uh, banning Exxxotica. Salas’s attorney, Gary Krupkin, said that it’s a “possibility this might turn into a class-action suit where the city could be prosecuted by everybody who would like to attend Exxxotica.” Krupkin noted that what “Exxxotica would file would be a suit particular to them. My suit offers the possibility of having other class members join at some point in the future.” So, Dallas could see itself sued by vendors, patrons, participants, and Exxxotica over a porn convention. 

It didn’t seem like a lawsuit was Exxxotica’s end goal; it just wanted to have its sexpo in peace. This is made apparent by an ultimatum (or plea, however you want to slice it) sent out by the Exxxotica organizer’s attorney, Roger Albright, and an open letter by Exxxotica to the city of Dallas. Albright, by the way, has been on the city’s public transportation board and was the city plan commissioner. In his letter he says he has been “personally, professionally and positively involved with the city for over four decades. This is not a litigation I want to file nor do I think it’s in the best interest of the City. Our collective tax dollars can be much more wisely spent than hiring yet more lawyers to defend what I consider an unnecessary lawsuit and/or presumably paying my fees as might be awarded by the Court.”

Essentially, if the council overturned the ban during a meeting it had Wednesday afternoon, bygones would be bygones and chain and whips would excite thousands of people at the convention center in May. But alas, that didn’t happen and a lawsuit has officially been filed.

Meanwhile, Exxotica’s biggest competitor, Adultcon, has inquired about available dates at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. They did this one day after Dallas banned Exxxotica. Potentially, here’s another lawsuit, or maybe Dallas will just give up and stop fighting for purity.