Happy Furry Friday! In Buzzfeed parlance, here are Three Photos of the Fort Worth Zoo’s New Jaguar Cub You Need in Your Life Right Now.

Xochi, a four-year-old Jaguar, gave birth to Sasha on July 16. She now weighs almost fourteen pounds and can be seen romping around the Texas Wild! exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo. Six jaguar cubs have been born at the zoo since 2001. When full grown she could weigh from 100 to 250 pounds.

Jaguars, according to the zoo, are the only big cat native to the New World. (Though mountain lions are as large as leopards, they actually belong to the genus Felinae, not Panthera, which means they are not true “big cats.”)  

But if you’d like to see Sasha in the fur you should hurry: she’ll only remain at the zoo for another year or so before she’s transferred to another zoo to join a breeding program “to help maintain genetic diversity within the species,” according to a Fort Worth Zoo press release

But Sasha’s not the only adorable recent feline bundle of joy to join a North Texas zoo. In September two baby cheetahs, Winspear and Kamau, were born at the Dallas Zoo, according to KERA. For good measure, here’s some footage of them as well:  

And here’s some bonus cute: apparently a Labrador puppy has been brought in to be their companion in hopes of calming them down, according to the Dallas Morning News.