It’s been a good year to be a cheetah in Texas. In September, the Dallas Zoo celebrated the arrival of Winspear and Kamau, two eight-week old cheetah cubs, who were born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, in July. Over the next two months, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in North Central Texas celebrated the arrival of eight new cheetah cubs in two litters.

And then on Wednesday, International Cheetah Day, handlers from the Houston Zoo let two adult male cheetahs, Kito and Kiburi, stretch their legs at the Houston Dynamo’s practice field. “We clocked Kiburi at 42 miles per hour,” Sarah Riger, the carnivore supervisor at the Houston Zoo, told the Houston Chronicle. Feast your eyes below.  

Winspear and Kamau, the cutest new residents of the Dallas Zoo. (AP Photo | Dallas Zoological Society)

Winspear and Kamau made their Good Morning America debut on September 7 alongside their constant companion, a black lab puppy named Amani.

Gracie, a first-time mom, plays with her three cubs at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil Rim’s eight cubs and their mothers are being kept in birthing yards until they’re old enough for public viewing. (AP Photo | Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Jason Ahistus) 

On International Cheetah Day, the Houston Zoo’s Samantha Junker, left, and Sara Riger lead the zoo’s two male cheetahs, Kito and Kiburi, at the Houston Dynamo’s practice field located at Houston Sports Park. (AP Photo | Houston Chronicle, Jake Nielsen)

The Houston Zoo’s two male cheetahs, Kito and Kiburi, run at the Houston Dynamo’s practice field on International Cheetah Day. (AP Photo | Houston Chronicle, Jake Nielsen)