Despite a thrilling few moments when it appeared the Cowboys might have drafted Johnny Manziel last week, he’s firmly ensconced in the backup role (for the next couple of weeks, at least) in Cleveland. But Jerry’s ‘Boys did land themselves a rookie whose alma mater includes the letters A&M: undrafted free agent quarterback Dustin Vaughan signed with the team this week.

Vaughan put up nice stats in Canyon, averaging over 300 yards of offense per game. But it’s not his on-field exploits that made him a name to remember: It’s the video he put on YouTube last year highlighting his skills. These videos are increasingly commonplace—trickshot artist QB’s and long snappers, as do players at other positions trying to get some attention and show off their talents. But Vaughan’s was unique: 

Yeah, that’s a Christmas sweater Vaughan is wearing as he struggles to move a blocking sled, throws the ball limply, and cheats at push-ups. It highlights a personality that—when combined with his numbers at college—proved to be big enough for the Cowboys, at least for a camp arm. 

It’s unlikely that there’s room on a crowded Cowboys roster with Romo, Kyle Orton, and Brandon Weeden already in place that Vaughan is going to make the final roster—but if he’s as gifted on the practice field as he is at sarcasm, anything’s possible. 

 (AP Photo/Jim Cowsert)