Howdy, Texas! How’s everybody doing? We hope you drove to work with the windows down today—unless, of course, you decided to ride your bike to the office. 

The weather in Texas really is pretty great this sunny January day (although reports from El Paso say that there are a few clouds in the sky, and the temperature hovers in the 60’s—might want to wear a light jacket, El Paso!), which does stand in contrast to our friends on the east coast.

While over in New York City, the rumored three-feet-of-blizzard failed to materialize, leaving New Yorkers strangely disappointed, their apartments full of stockpiled food that they’re gonna have to eat somehow and with “blizzard boyfriends” they’re now creeped out by (why won’t you just leave, dude? The train’s running!), other parts of the Northeast are experiencing the blizzard that was promised to the City that Never Sleeps. 

Our friends in New York may—just like those of us in Texas, where temperatures from McAllen to Texarkana, Longview to Amarillo, are sunny and warm—be experiencing better-than-expected weather, but we won’t ignore the folks out in Massachusetts and Connecticut who do have several feet of snow on their streets. Must be strange to be in one of those places, dealing with so much snow, while the narrative here is that the storm failed to materialize. (Probably similar to how people in Virginia felt when the 2011 earthquake in Richmond was trending on Twitter as #NYCearthquake, just because they felt it too.) 

We don’t mean to gloat about the fact that we’re drinking iced tea and sitting on the porch right now while our pals in Massachusetts are getting around on cross-country skis—after all, in a few short months, we’ll be sweating like Luke Skywalker at the beginning of Star Wars, when he’s on that planet with two suns. But for now, it really is lovely outside here in Texas. 

(Photo via Flickr)