The great breakfast taco debate is thankfully finally over. Although San Antonio and Austin’s breakfast beef went on for way too long, it at least showed us that we care about local food and how it compares with other Texas cities. Now there’s another way to look at how Texas adds up when it comes to food, or at least how available certain fare is in each city.

We’re not talking about whether it’s Austin or San Antonio that has the best breakfast tacos—seriously, we’re not doing that again—but rather, which city has more restaurants where you can find breakfast tacos. Estately, a real estate website, used data from Yelp to rank 50 of the U.S’s largest cities on the variety of food available in each city. We’re sure many Texpats wished they’d looked into how many Tex-Mex restaurants were available in their new city before their move.

Estately used three factors for adding up the numbers: “restaurants per capita, restaurants per square mile, and the percentage of all area restaurants that each type makes up,” resulting in scores between 0-300 for each city. These maps don’t quite cover all categories (we can’t help but notice that barbecue restaurant rankings aren’t available) and the results only show the best five places and the worst five places in each category, so take it all with a grain of salt.

For all the hubbub about breakfast tacos, how do we fare when it comes to other breakfast staples? El Paso and San Antonio are doing poorly—they both made the worst list for both coffee and donuts, with El Paso landing the top spot for lack of coffee with a score of just 0.2. We’re a bit better on the sweeter side of the morning with Fort Worth and Dallas placing third and fourth, respectively, in the best five when it comes to donut stores in the areas.

Pizza doesn’t seem to be a big deal in Texas based on the fact that we have three cities on the worst five list: El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston, with El Paso (again) on in the number one slot. We’re a bit better when it comes to food trucks, but only in Austin, which is second only to Oakland, California. It almost makes up for Dallas and Fort Worth being in the worst five. Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth are all on the top five list for Tex-Mex (obviously), but no Texas cities are on the list for Mexican food. That’s not good or bad, but you’d think we’d at least have one city in the top five.

Surprising to nobody, El Paso is the worst place in the country for halal and Thai food (with a score of 0.0), and is the second worst place for Chinese food. The absolute worst for Chinese food availability belongs to Austin, however. San Antonio has the honor of being the worst in the country in another Asian category: Japanese food. And it’s also the fifth worst for Chinese food. So people shouldn’t move to Texas if they want an abundance of options for Asian restaurants. But hey, at least there are probably five taco trucks within a five-mile radius of your current location.