Justin Lookadoo is a speaker and author whose books and talks offer a rather, shall we say, old-fashioned interpretation of gender dynamics. His dating advice to teenagers is essentially yet another take on The Rules, filled with slightly more contemporary language and references to scripture that should serve to make teenagers “dateable.” Here are some quick highlights from his “R U Dateable” tips for young gentlemen and ladies: 

  • You are soft, you are gentle, you are a woman.
  • Dateable girls aren’t downers
  • Dateable girls know that when they fight other girls they look stupid and catty, and guys don’t like it any more than God does.
  • Dateable girls know how to shut up. They don’t monopolize the conversation.
  • Let him lead. God made guys as leaders. Dateable girls get that and let him do guy things
  • A Dateable girl isn’t Miss Independent. 
  • Dateable guys know they aren’t as sensitive as girls and that’s okay. They know they are stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous and that’s okay.
  • Men of God are wild, not domesticated. Dateable guys aren’t tamed. They don’t live by the rules of the opposite sex. 


These are some of the lessons that Lookadoo has for teens. And he was invited to Richardson High School to impart his wisdom, which made parents who investigated the speaker uncomfortable. They needn’t have worried. The students at Richardson High saw through the misogyny almost immediately—and roasted the speaker and his outdated stereotypes in hilarious fashion. Just search the #lookadouche hashtag on Twitter. Or read the students’ tweets gathered below: 

(Image via Justin Lookadoo’s press kit. Learn more about him on his Myspace page.)