The job of a hotel concierge is to accomodate customer needs whenever possible, to ensure that their stay is pleasant and that whatever comforts from home they require are available to them. 


At San Antonio’s Hotel Indigo on the Riverwalk, that is apparently something they take very much to heart, as Imgur user “FreePsychicReadings” learned when she responded to a text from Ramon, the hotel concierge, offering her anything she might need to make her stay comfortable: 


That’s a curious request, certainly, but not an unreasonable one: After all, if part of what it takes to make a person feel at home is the chance to stare at Nic Cage’s face framed by a hilarious wig as he prepares to battle imaginary terrorists in a very bad film from 1997, what hotel concierge wouldn’t want to offer that to their guest? 



Of course, is just one Nicolas Cage photograph sufficient for an extended business say? 


That’s the question that quickly bubbled up, as the guest—following a text asking her to rate her service (she gave the hotel a 5 out of 5)—asked for a photo of Cage from 1987’s Moonstruck to be affixed to her mirror, along with some fresh towels. 


The hotel was late in offering the amenities, but quickly responded to a follow-up: 


The “Sorry I’m late” note there is great, although you could be forgiven if, at this point, you began to suspect that this was less about a Cage-y personal requirement the guest had and more about a curious game that she and the concierge were playing, ostensibly to break up the monotony of both a business trip and boring requests for dumb shampoo or something. 


Indeed, by the end of her trip, the guest and Ramon appear, via the texts she shared on Imgur, to have bonded somewhat over their shared affection for Cage: 




Sure enough, upon returning to her room, Cage as Tom Welles, the star of Joel Schumacher’s misunderstood masterpiece, was affixed firmly to the side of her television. 

All of this is ridiculous, obviously, but also wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that reached out to the manager to learn about the encounter after it went viral: 

“We certainly get odd requests every day, but nothing of this nature,” he said in a phone interview with the San Antonio Express-News.

Rangel responded, telling the woman it would be a pleasure to assist her.

“I immediately thought we were being trolled, so I figured I’d just go along with it,” Rangel said.

They were definitely being trolled, and they definitely handled it perfectly. Great work, Hotel Indigo, lady on the Internet, Nic Cage, and all people everywhere who have made ours a culture that appreciates such things.