willie nelson 4/20

Every day is a great day to be a Willie Nelson fan, but on April 20—a.k.a. 4/20—that fandom reaches new, ahem, highs. On what we might presume is one of the Texas legend’s favorite holidays, Willie celebrated with the world premiere of his newest single: “It’s All Going to Pot,” a collaboration with fellow artist Merle Haggard. (The twangy track is from his upcoming album, Django and Jimmie, which is set to hit stores in June.)

The 81-year-old marijuana legalization activist made headlines last month when he announced he would be opening dispensaries and launching his own brand of bud called “Willie’s Reserve,” to be grown and sold in states that legally allow for it. That won’t, of course, include his home state, where legislation meant to reform marijuana laws appears to be facing a tough fight.

As another nod to the unofficial holiday, Willie put items in his online store on sale. So the herb may not be legal in Texas, but this “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me” glass jar, which is 20 percent off, is perfectly acceptable to purchase.