Hey, y’all—it’s cold out. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Houston or El Paso, McAllen or Dallas. You are wearing layers right now, as you read this, and dreaming dreams of hot cocoa. Perhaps you were one of the many passengers who were slated to be on a flight through DFW airport that was canceled by the crappy weather, in which case you may be reading this from elsewhere, aware that the cold is happening, but experiencing it from some other part of the country. In any case: When it’s cold all throughout Texas and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it is big news. 

It’s also cause for complaining, celebrating, bragging, cheap shots, selfies, and other things that people are prone to do on Twitter. In order to ensure that no one burns too many much-needed calories trying to think of the perfect Tweet about the weather only to find that it’s already been Tweeted, we have compiled this helpful Storify compilation below, so you can be aware of what your fellow Texans have to say.