Just a couple of weeks ago, something wasn’t clicking for Jordan Spieth. The New York Times opined that Spieth, who debuted as golf’s most promising young star since Tiger Woods, was “inside his own head” and chronicled his “struggles to get out.” Bleacher Report asked “What’s Wrong with Jordan Spieth and Should We Be Worried?” Yahoo! Sports declared that “the problem is that Spieth has been taking too many Ls at majors since melting down at last year’s Masters.”

When you enter the sport as dramatically as Spieth—winner of the Valspar Championship, Masters, U.S. Open, John Deere Classic, and Tour Championship in 2015—the bar gets set sky-high. The native Texan, who only won two PGA Tour championships in 2016, and whose triumph in February at Pebble Beach was his only championship in more than a year, spent the time after his dominant 2015 as simply one of the best golfers in the world—not a wunderkind that we hadn’t seen in a generation.

But the 23-year-old seems poised for a comeback after this weekend.

Spieth triumphed at the Travelers Championship with an incredible shot in a playoff against fellow youthful pro Daniel Berger. On the first playoff hole, Spieth holed the bunker shot from the sand trap, winning Sunday’s event in dramatic fashion.



That secured Spieth’s tenth championship, making him only the second golfer to reach double digits before his twenty-fourth birthday (Woods, who had 15, still holds that record). After the win, Spieth is ranked at number three in the world—up two spots from where he was at the end of 2016—and he’s once more ascendant in the sport.

Golf is a fickle game where players enjoy long careers, and any 23-year-old would presumably struggle in the face of the extreme pressure to live up to hype. But watching a shot like that, it’s clear that the Jordan Spieth fans signed up for two years ago is still the one on the green today.