The Texas State Fair is still months away, and there’ll be a lot of summer sun to endure before the (relative) comfort of late-September and early-October makes spending a day in Fair Park eating fried things sound super appealing. But that day will come on September 29, and when it does, it’ll be accompanied by a lot of music.

The full music lineup is still being developed, but the State Fair released the first batch of headliners for the free concert series on the Chevrolet Main Stage. Kicking things off, hometown girl Maren Morris (well, she’s from Arlington, which apparently gets prickly when people confuse it with Dallas) will take the stage on the night of September 29.

The subsequent headliners taking following her opening night stint include legendary Houston Tejano group La Mafia, which will perform on October 1. A pool of non-Texans on the bill include a range of wide-appeal legacy acts: Flo Rida (joined by rising pop star Macy Kate), Wilson Phillips, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Norteño stars Los Traileros del Norte make up the bulk of the announced acts. Younger artists to headline an evening include pre-breakout R&B singer Ro James and Australian Christian pop duo For King & Country.

That covers every Saturday and Sunday night for the duration of the fair, but it leaves the headliners for the rest of the nights a mystery. We wouldn’t anticipate any stars of Maren Morris’s (or even Flo Rida’s) stature to make the July announcement, but the fact that State Fair attendees will get a chance to sing along to “Hold On” and “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” as part of the less-marquee headliners ain’t bad. Plus, you know, it’s not like there isn’t plenty of other stuff to do at Fair Park those 24 days, anyway.