We’re not sure if more strange things necessarily happen in Lufkin than in other small towns, but the person behind the Lufkin Daily News police blotter has a great appreciation for the absurd. (Learn more about Lufkin Daily News crime reporter Jessica Cooley here). 

August 29 
A wake of 30 to 40 buzzards reportedly alerted an Angelina County environmental deputy to illegal dumping around Biloxi Creek early Friday. The deputy found packages of meat dating to Nov. 6, 2013, that were illegally dumped from a home freezer. Later that afternoon, the environmental deputy and the inmate work crew collected about 16 bags of thrown-out meat along the roadways between Spring Lake Drive and Old Homer Alto Road. The bags weighed about 240 pounds. 

Residents called deputies early Friday to remove an unwanted family member from their home while they were out of town. 
A woman called the sheriff’s office Tuesday morning to complain about her neighbor’s donkey being in her garden. In the past, the woman said, the donkey has run her mare through a fence. When deputies responded Tuesday, the donkey’s owner told them that when her neighbor’s mare goes into heat, the donkey breaks loose and runs to her. The deputies gave the donkey’s owner a warning and asked them to keep the animal secured.

A dog nanny reportedly returned a dog to its owner Tuesday but kept the $375 cage and $100 kennel. The dog’s owner said they believe the dog nanny also took $40 in pest control chemicals.
A person reported finding 14 baggies containing a red, crystal-like substance Saturday morning. Deputies determined that the substance was not drugs, but candy. 
A glass urn containing a relative’s ashes was reported stolen Tuesday evening, along with a basket of body lotion, a guitar, an amp, a truck battery and power tools. The victim named a possible suspect. 
A man told police he believes someone attacked his Suburban with a bamboo stick early Tuesday morning. The man said he woke up around 4 a.m. after hearing a noise. After going outside later in the morning, he saw a piece of bamboo lying near his vehicle with dents in the hood.
Deputies arrested a 45-year-old Angelina County man around 5:30 a.m. Monday on a charge of public intoxication after he came to the sheriff’s office to “communicate” with deputies. An official with the sheriff’s office said deputies did not know the topic about which the man wanted to “communicate.” Sturdivant was reportedly unable to speak clearly, was unsteady on his feet and smelled strongly of alcohol. Deputies gave him a sobriety test, which he did not pass, according to the sheriff’s office. They then walked him across the parking lot to the jail, where he posted a $500 bond the same day. 
Deputies responded to a home Sunday afternoon after a parent and their adult child got into an argument over eating ice cream and smoking. The child reportedly told the parent not to eat too much ice cream because the parent is a diabetic. The parent didn’t want the child smoking in the house. 
A man reported that landscapers at his apartment complex broke his plants.
A Lufkin man believed to be high on PCP was arrested early Tuesday morning after a witness saw him shadow boxing in the middle of Third Street. 
August 1 
A woman reported that after letting someone she knows visit her home she was missing a pair of pants, 16 cigarettes, one fan, some food and a small black bag containing important documents.