We’re not sure if more strange things necessarily happen in Lufkin than in other small towns, but the person behind the Lufkin Daily News police blotter has a great appreciation for the absurd. (Learn more about Lufkin Daily News crime reporter Jessica Cooley here).

May 30 
A wooden box was found Thursday morning beneath a home.
A man told Lufkin Police he was physically assaulted and cut with a barbecue fork before having his wallet stolen late Sunday.

A man called Lufkin Police Thursday night and said he was scammed out of $25 by a woman who agreed to have sex with him. The man said he was outside his home gardening around 10:30 p.m. when the woman walked up and said she would have sex with him for $25, according to a police report. They went into his house, and he placed the money on the counter. The woman then left his home with the money “without providing the agreed services,” the report stated.
Someone reportedly shot a roadside digital billboard in the 1600 block of John Redditt Drive with an arrow sometime in the last few months.
A man called the sheriff’s office Wednesday afternoon to report that while a family member was cutting hay on his property, a plane flying at treetop level scared his cows. Because of how excited they got, the cows crashed into each other headfirst, the man said. At the time he called, one of the cows was still struggling to get to its feet. The man did not have any identifying information on the plane.
May 21 
A woman called the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office to ask for information about removing bats from her garage.
Lawn chairs were reportedly set on fire at an apartment building.
A woman called the sheriff’s office to complain about her neighbor’s dog eating her cat’s food.
A woman reportedly complained to the sheriff’s office about having a goat in her yard. The goat was returned to its owner.
A refrigerator was reportedly damaged by the owner’s family member Sunday.
A 26-year-old man was arrested around 6:30 a.m. Sunday after he refused to exit his Ford Expedition which was being towed.
A woman reported that her neighbor rode his lawn mower to speak with her Wednesday evening and that she doesn’t want him on her property again. 
A man reported that someone discharged a fire extinguisher inside his vehicle.
A caller to the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office gave a tip about a family member who is “using drugs and hanging with the wrong type of people.” 
A woman reported to the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday that her husband was having an affair and she wanted deputies to intervene. 
Ducklings were reported stolen from a back yard.