Jack Ingram deals with his problems in the classic country tradition: with a bottle. “We all, at some point, have to face our problems head on with resolve, clarity, and conviction,” he says of his new song “I’m Drinking Through It”—from his forthcoming eighth studio album, Midnight Motel, out August 26. “‘I’m Drinking Through It’ is a song filled with the resolve, clarity, and conviction that we can face our problems tomorrow.”

The video for “I’m Drinking Through It,” which premieres exclusively below, is a pretty straightforward depiction of the sort of sentiment that the song’s built around—Ingram splits with a woman in a hotel room, then finds himself at a bar going through some intense self-care on a stool opposite a kind-eyed bartender. The video, directed by Michael Tully, intersperses that narrative with performance footage of Ingram and the band tearing through the song—then weaves the show and the story together in a resolution that’s a little healthier than just “drink your way through your problems.”

“After being on the planet for a long time, and on the road for half of that, I’ve learned a few things that are fact: we’re all pretty good people, and sometimes bad things happen to good people,” Ingram says. “When they do, and they will, most of the time the best thing we can do is to keep on keeping on. But when that isn’t working, you may want to do what I do—and I’m drinking through it.”