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Music Monday: McAllen Residents Are Outraged Over Enrique Iglesias’ Sexy Performance

The singer put the word ”sex” onstage and is reported to have consumed some type of alcohol during his performance.

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Enrique Iglesias poses for a photo with his four platinum discs, gold record, and a diamond disc, in Mexico City, Friday, July 3, 2015. Iglesias offered the first of three concerts at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Friday, after his May accident when he grabbed a drone during a concert in Tijuana, slicing the fingers of his right hand.
(AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

Back in 1983, then-Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt banned the Beach Boys from performing at a Fourth of July concert on the National Mall, famously contending that the exceedingly wholesome group would attract “the wrong element” and encourage “drug abuse and alcoholism” by singing “Surfin’ USA.”

In the 32 years since, the idea that rock and pop music corrupt our children has waned considerably. These days, if any genre is going to be accused of encouraging drug abuse or alcoholism, it’s probably EDM or hip hop. But down in McAllen, folks are going to the throwback classics by protesting a recent performance by Enrique Iglesias.

McAllen police officer Vince Ousley, who worked event security at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, disapproved of the city sponsored concert that kicked off the annual Holiday Parade. Apparently, the screens on stage with the name of Iglesias’s latest album—Sex and Love—was a little too much for the officer. As The Monitor reports, Ousley feared for the children whose parents might have unsuspectingly paid $15 to $125 for a ticket without being aware of the slightly risqué nature of Iglesias’s material.

“The first thing I saw was the big ‘Sex and Love’ plastered on the three screens on the main stage in the stadium,” the local police officer told The Monitor. “I made a comment to some of my coworkers about it, that it didn’t seem right, given the venue and what this night was about.” […]

Ousley’s Facebook post accuses Iglesias of using at least one swear word at some point during the performance (Ousley says he heard him say “sh*t”) and that he consumed “some sort of liquor” while onstage, as well. Additionally, the officer notes that beach balls emblazoned with the album title were dropped into the crowd, forcing concertgoers and their children to perhaps inadvertently touch the word “sex” with their hands.

Ousley wasn’t alone in finding the performance inappropriate for the city of McAllen—some who weighed in among the 200 Valley residents who shared his post declared the singer’s work to be “audio porn,” as others debated whether the blame for the performance rested with the city (as Ousley maintained) or Iglesias himself. Ousley told The Monitor that he believed the album title should have been a red flag for city officials.

“(Organizers) knew the name of his album prior to booking him,” he said. “They knew he was gong to be promoting that. It had to all be in a contract of some sort. I just don’t think it reflects positively on the morals and ethics of our local government here.”

All told, this seems to largely center around the fact that Iglesias’ album features the word “sex” in the title—but it also features the word “love,” so those protesting in the Valley should at least take some comfort in the fact that at least coitus Iglesias appears to condone is the kind that occurs in the context of a loving relationship. We can only imagine the outcry if the screens had read “sex and just kinda liking somebody.”

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  • Monica Guerra

    I don’t know this cop but for a local, he seems quite naïve about the impact that Enrique Iglesias has had on his fans prior to his album. From what I heard, those that attended were quite pleased. This guy was being dishonest to himself to expect any different from the Enrique Iglesias experience. This wasn’t exactly Lawrence Welk or an act from Branson, Missouri for crying out loud.

  • moshimoshi

    This reads like an Onion article. I feel the writer didn’t want to seriously write about this and just made it dumb to be more entertaining to write. Rats off to you, Dan!

    • wessexmom

      Agreed. So MANY items on the TM website these days seem like they should be in The Onion (Are you listening, Ms. Grieder?) that it’s hard to keep count. This officer needs to get a life or a teenager of his own to give him REAL worries.

  • surlywords

    Someone should remind this guy that his job description as a McAllen police officer doesn’t include being the moral police. If he wants a job more in that line, Saudi Arabia is hiring.

    • Vince N Brandi Ousley

      Thanks for the reminder.

  • Vince N Brandi Ousley

    Several inaccuracies in this article. Journalism is quite a joke these days.
    Texas Monthly never contacted me, they wrote their article based on the monitors article, which also contained inaccuracies. Here are the ones I caught so far:

    1. Im not a McAllen Police Officer
    2. I was not working “security”
    3. I never claimed to fear for children who were brought.

    The writer of this article would have been better off copying and pasting my post…if he wanted something accurate.

    • Jed

      or, in the interest of the truth, you might have put something here.

      now all we know is that you don’t like the concert nor two articles written about you.

  • Rick Elizzo

    Ignorant hillbillies

    • Vince N Brandi Ousley

      Man, you pegged me. Nice addition to the discussion. Very astute of you.

  • GooeyGomer

    Sounds like hanging out with Ousley would be about as fun as watching paint dry.