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Not Forgotten

Dec 12, 2016 By Marisa Charpentier

For years, Austin drivers have passed by a familiar mural on North Lamar that recalls the fatal consequences of drinking and driving. But Mary Boyd and Bruce David Johnson's story isn't just theirs—it's the community's.

The State of Texas: Trumped

Nov 9, 2016 By Leif Reigstad

Plus: George W. Bush leaves a blank spot on his ballot, the NCAA decides to let Baylor off easier than Penn State, and a tiny horse roams free in a Texas city's downtown.

The State of Texas: Get Out And Vote

Nov 8, 2016 By Leif Reigstad

Plus: An Amarillo priest brings a fetus to the altar, the father of a slain Dallas cop sues Black Lives Matter, and a name battle between two Texas law schools appears to be over.