Houston’s vote on whether or not to preserve the Astrodome doesn’t happen until tomorrow, but whatever redevelopment happens on the grounds—be it razing the building or finding a new use for it—it’ll be funded, at least in part, by the proceeds from a “yard sale” held by Reliant Park officials over the weekend. On sale were a number of items from the Dome itself: seats, turnstiles, signs, turf, and more—some of which was signed by Oilers legend Earl Campbell, who stopped by last week to add his signature to a few pieces, according to My Fox Houston

Here are some of the other items that left the Astrodome on Saturday in the hands of new owners—4,000 of whom came out to the sale—and what you could have had it for: 

$20: A 12″x12″ square of Astroturf

According to the Miami Herald—whose reporting provides most of these numbers—the turf made available to the public sold out before the end of the day, which makes sense, at twenty bucks a pop. You could carpet the heck out of your game room with that stuff. 

$4,100: Two entry turnstiles

These went to 71-year-old Dave Warwick, a UK native who moved to Houston in 1983. Warwick says that he bought them because they reminded him of his first baseball game in 1966, when he visited the Astrodome as a sailor. “That’s the first entrance into the Astrodome. It’s the click. I just wanted them,” he told the Herald.

$2,200: Earl Campbell’s locker

Okay, there’s no evidence that Campbell ever actually used the locker in question, but he did sign it, and if you have an authentic locker from the Astrodome on display in your house that’s signed from Earl Campbell, you can pretty much tell anyone who didn’t just read this that it’s Campbell’s locker and they’ll believe you.

$200: Seats from the Dome

The Herald reports that seats sold out, too, but unlike the turf, shoppers who wanted one after they sold out could order more, which would be available for pickup after they were taken out of storage in December. 

$650-$1,800: Sideline benches

The sideline benches varied in price depending on who they were signed by: Campbell’s bench fetched $1,800, while the one autographed by teammate and former Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini was worth a mere $650. Pastorini was a Pro Bowler, you guys!

$1,500: Jose Cruz’s locker

Like Campbell’s locker, the locker signed by former Astros all-star Jose Cruz probably wasn’t actually used by the outfielder. But former Houston councilman Michael Berry bought it to display in his bar, Redneck Country Club.

Whether the Astrodome survives its current dilapidation will be decided by voters tomorrow—but even if it doesn’t make it through the vote, at least nostalgic fans who missed out on the sale can stop by Berry’s bar to visit the locker.