Texas Pool Plano

Only in Texas you will find a Texas-shaped pool trying to gain state historical landmark status. But that is exactly what a 54-year old eponymous pool in Plano is vying for, because nothing says state pride like a body of water made in the image of your home. Technically speaking, you’ll find a lot of Colorado-shaped pools in Colorado, but that’s a different story for entirely obvious reasons. 

The saltwater pool has captured the hearts of many Texans since its construction in 1960, and the Texas Pool board of directors is pushing for its recognition as a landmark. Advocates must prove that it’s at least 50 years old, maintains structural integrity, and has historical significance, according to the Dallas Morning News

It’s certainly not the only Texas-shaped pool in the state—Six Flags Fiesta Texas has the Lone Star Lagoon, and the Big Texan Motel in Amarillo has one as well. All of this got me thinking about more items made better when they’re shaped like Texas. 


Texas waffles

As countless La Quintas across the state have discovered and included in their continental breakfast spreads, the shape of Texas makes for a perfectly cooked waffle. You can even buy the griddle yourself — Mission Restaurant Supply has them for $54.95. Sorry California, but your long, slender shape is a recipe for some serious uneven batter cooking. 

Tortilla chips

Texas tortilla chips

Just like Texas-shaped waffles make for optimal syrup coverage, Texas-shaped tortilla chips are perfect for salsa scooping. Look no further than grocery giant H-E-B for this Lone Star party staple. 

Coffee mugs


Texas mug

Sip your coffee out of the Rio Grande Valley — or the Panhandle, if you’re a lefty — with this mug from Texas Star Trading Co. 

Tequila Bottles 

Texas tequila

Whether you’re concocting a Mexican martini or packing in straight-up shots, Republic Tequila will deliver that powerful agave juice in a Texas-shaped bottle.  


Texas guitar

It’s a rare find manufactured by artisan guitar makers, but there are Lone Star guitars. But if you want one you might have to do some digging; the Texas T-Caster was sold only at the now-defunct Grapevine Guitar Works, and a web site devoted to their sale doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2013. 


Texas jewelry

This isn’t the first time Texas Monthly has looked at how well the Texas shape sells. There’s an entire market for hand-crafted jewelry on Etsy, and though most of the items in our 2013 article have been sold by now, there are plenty of options from crafty Etsy vendors that will get you your fix of Texas-shaped jewelry. 

This house in Comal County

Texas ranch

This architect sees your pool and raises you an entire ranchland mansion, but alas, someone’s already snatched up this architectural feat in Comal County. The Panhandle and Trans-Pecos segments of the state serve as an upper deck, and the second-story windows follow the shape of the Gulf coastline and look out over the Texas ranch property around the house. 

(images via texaspool.org/Mission Restaurant Supply/H-E-B/Texas Star Trading Co./Texas Guitars/Republic Tequila/Etsy, ShopSomethingBlue/Lands of Texas)