As native Houstonian and UT-Austn grad Mike Godwin once put it, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

Much the same goes for modern-day congressional sessions, apparently, as Texas Republican representative Randy Weber allowed all of six days of the 114th Congress to elapse before Tweeting the following last night:

Devotees of Weber’s Twitter feed will note the unconventional spelling of Adolf; indeed, such mishaps appear to be a hallmark of Weber’s Reductio ad Hitlerum posts:


And you thought the Kommandant-in-Chef ran the kitchen at a Fredericksburg sausage-and-kraut haus.

Now it appears Weber, a Pearland native who inherited the salt-crusted, libertarian-leaning upper Texas coast District 14 from Ron Paul, has since erased the tweet, apologized on Twitter, and then, in a statement released today, elaborated on what he meant to say and then changed the subject altogether, as follows:

It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler. The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.

The terrorist attacks in Paris should remind us of the evil that still exists. Hitler was the face of evil, perpetrating genocide against six million Jews and millions of other victims. Today, we are facing the evil of Islamic extremists who are attempting to instill fear and murdering the lives of innocent people from Paris to Nigeria to Jerusalem and all over the world. The President’s actions or lack thereof is my point of contention. Islamic extremists have shown they are not going away, and instead are hungry for more blood.

After World War II, the world made a commitment to ‘Never Again’ allow terror free reign. As demonstrated by the Paris Peace Rally, we must all –Christians, Jews, Muslims, leaders around the world and those willing to fight for freedom – unite and stand strong together against radical extremism in any form.

As noted by Bloomberg’s David Weigel, the 111th Congress had yet to be gaveled in before a Republican lawmaker proved Godwin’s Law, and Weber beat his own personal best from last year, when it took him until January 28 to liken Obama to a Germanic dictator.  

(AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, J. Patric Schneider)