Chex sells.

By Chex, we mean Cowboy Tuff Chex, a Guinness World Record-holding longhorn that was bought for $165,000 at an auction at the Fort Worth Stockyards on Friday night. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, his horns are the longest in the world for a bull, measuring 101 inches from tip to tip. To put Chex’s long horns in perspective, that’s nearly a foot-and-a-half longer than Hakeem Olajuwon.

Chex was purchased by Richard and Jeanne Filip, and they apparently got the bull for a bargain. Heading into Friday’s auction, Chex was expected to fetch at least $500,000, and the Filips told the Telegram that they were prepared to pay $1 million. Jeanne told the Telegram that her husband simply would not be outbid among the 600 other interested buyers. “I didn’t have second thoughts, but I kept trying to justify—that’s a lot of money for one animal,” Richard Filip told the Telegram. “Then you start taking into consideration, what if there’s an accident going home and he’s gone? It’s a lot of responsibility to take on.” Jeanne joked that they planned to protect their expensive purchase in bubble wrap when they got him back to the ranch, where Chex will be treated like royalty. “Our guys will know: You do not make Tuff do anything he doesn’t want to do,” Jeanne told the Telegram. “He’s the VIP of the ranch.”

The six-year-old bull was bred by Bob and Pam Loomis, ranchers from Oklahoma. His pedigree puts him in the same lineage as other awesomely-named bulls like Peacemaker, Possum Queen, and J.R. Grand Slam. “I’ve had little kids walk by and grab his horn and everything else. You don’t have to worry about him,” Bob Loomis told WFAA last week, before Chex was sold. “But he is a character.”

If you’re wondering why someone would spend $165,000 on a longhorn bull, well, we are too. But it seems to be a hobby. “Some people collect coins. These people collect longhorns. It’s amazing,” auction organizer Lorinda Valentine told WFAA. “These animals are to be admired and will live a while.”

The Filips are certainly no strangers to spending big in the bull market. According to the Telegram, the Filips, who retired from the real estate business in 2013, have owned longhorns for nearly two decades and have more than 100 roaming their Fayetteville, Texas, ranch, including a few longhorns that set them back six-figures at auction. “Our quest for ‘horn’ will never end,” the Filips write on their ranch’s website.

While Chex is the longest longhorn there is, he’s far from the most expensive. A longhorn named 3S Danica sold for a whopping $380,000 at a sale in Grapevine earlier this year. Something to aspire to, Chex.