His State Fair cha-cha wasn’t exactly best in show, but former governor Rick Perry was looking for greener pastures with his second appearance on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night. Perry and his partner, Emma Slater, turned the Green Acres theme into a quick-step complete with a tractor, a rhinestone pitchfork, and a very enthusiastic Perry, but despite what judge Carrie Ann Inaba deemed a “perky and efficient” performance, the duo received the lowest scores from the judges for the second week in a row.

It was TV night on Dancing With the Stars, so each of the contestants picked a television theme song to reinterpret. After last week’s nod to the homeland with “God Blessed Texas,” it would’ve been nice to see Perry follow up with another Texas-centric performance. And I think we can all agree that a waltz to the Friday Night Lights theme would’ve been way more powerful than a song commemorating two fictional Yankees going to play farmer. Texas forever.

But let’s skip to the actual performance, shall we?

In last week’s debut, Perry’s cha-cha looked like a cha-chore, and the Guv struggled to keep up with Slater. He made a better showing with the quick-step, fully executing Slater’s choreography and nailing his cues. (In fact, the only misstep Perry had on this week’s Dancing With the Stars came before his performance even started, when he posted a super awkward photo of a silhouette from a practice session on Instagram, which was swiftly deleted.)

Last night, Perry was clearly having fun, hamming it up with exaggerated facial expressions, mouthing along to the song while he danced, and literally skipping off of the stage after the performance to kiss his wife, Anita, in the audience.

Despite a marked improvement on last week’s technical issues, the judges remained unmoved. Judge Bruno Tonioli said that Perry’s performance was “like a bad cold; you can’t get rid of it.” Tonioli also noted that Perry needed to loosen up his movements, saying that his footwork was like “heavy machinery.” (Which, hey, that totally could have been an ode to the rusty tractor behind him.) Still, the judges were impressed with Perry’s unbridled enthusiasm. Seriously, if this isn’t the face of a governor having the time of his life, I don’t know what is:

Ultimately, Perry split fives and sixes from the four judges, walking away with a combined score of 22. That upped last week’s ante by two points, but still put him in dead last in the competition. That means if the public doesn’t come through for Perry on the phone lines, he could be waving goodbye on Tuesday night’s first elimination.

Watch the whole performance below, because it could be his last.