So, it turns out there is such a thing as being “too clever.” Namely, the triple-entendre of “CockAsian,” which is the name of the food truck owned and operated by mother/daughter team Candie and Taylor Yoder. The truck serves chicken—hence the “cock”— perpared in an Asian fusion style—hence the “Asian”—and the Yoders are white ladies, hence the “caucasian” homophone. Clever, right? 

Sadly, that cleverness has cost them the opportunity to set up at the Port San Antonio development in their home city, as officials, apparently after Googling the name and discovering the NSFW result on, have banned the truck. As reports

Port San Antonio officials objected to the name after an online search, said Keith Hill, president of the San Antonio Food Truck Association, which coordinates food truck scheduling with large employers such as the port.

“We ask SAFTA to find an optional truck because perhaps the patrons would find the name objectionable,” said Paco Felici, a spokesman for Port San Antonio. He added that pornographic images showed up in an image search for the term.

“They apparently Googled it to find out (the restaurant’s) menu and website, and their truck page is not what came up,” Hill said, who admitted he knew the name would be controversial when Yoder opened the restaurant.

Of course, curious diners have more opportunities to eat the Yoders’ cooking now than before. The truck will be located at The Point food truck park in Northwest San Antonio beginning Sunday. The Yoders, meanwhile, seem to be taking the entire experience in good fun—and have apparently recognized that this sort of attention can only help them launch the business. 

Most recently, that involved hosting a Reddit IAmA… “Ask Me Anything” session, in which they explained the decision to proudly flaunt the name, regardless of what Port San Antonio officials thought when stumbling upon the Urban Dictionary definition online. As Taylor Yoder explained

It’s not really an option to change it, because it hasn’t given us too much of a problem to be honest. Port San Antonio is just one place out there. We’ve got too much support to just let it go 🙂 And it definitely isn’t a forgettable name!

All’s well that ends well, in other words, and despite a nearly-lethal overdose of cleverness, those who crave their brand of spicy Korean-style fried chicken will have the opportunity after all.