Donkeys don’t belong at the mall. There’s nothing for them there. That didn’t stop an intrepid jack from trying to visit the J.C. Penney at Ingram Park Mall in San Antonio on Tuesday, though. As reports

The first calls came in at about 7 a.m., when people spotted the donkey in the grassy area along the intersection of Wurzbach and Ingram roads.

The donkey then went into the parking lot and headed for the department store, said ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood.

Mall security managed to wrangle the donkey—whom they dubbed “JimmyChanga,” for reasons that are as unclear as what the donkey hoped to get from the mall—and tie him to a light pole. They then called Animal Control Services, who came to claim the jack: they attempted to lead him to a livestock trailer, but presumably because he wanted to visit the Auntie Anne’s pretzels or something, JimmyChanga took off, resulting in a parking lot chase scene. After calling for backup, he was eventually corralled, and eventually entered the trailer. 

Ultimately, no one was kicked and JimmyChanga seemed to enjoy his excursion to the mall. The donkey’s owner is believed to be a man who owned a nearby retirement home who was missing a donkey—which is a charming sentence to type—but like so much of this delightful story, the eventual fate of JimmyChanga remains shrouded in mystery. 

(image via Flickr)