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Texans Enjoying the Flurry of Snow

Texas snow
A snowman began to melt in a snow-covered park in San Antonio on Friday.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

On Thursday, Texans stepped outside to a rare sight: snow. The flurry astonished people from Houston to Laredo, and many put on their warm layers and headed outside to make snowmen, have a snowball fight, and admire the streets and homes blanketed in white. Some young Texans even saw snow for the very first time. Here are some of the best photos of Lone Star residents enjoying the chilly surprise.

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  • Walt Longmire

    As one who has lived out in West Texas for years in the past, I watched as the snow storm moved through that area [Midland-Odessa, Big Spring, and eastward]. In my many years there we got only a small amount of snow and not enough to call a proper snow, really [I being from Central Illinois, where snow is actually snow]. Interestingly, we have received exactly zero snowfall this year, and even that forcast in the Midwest appears to being going to miss my hometown here. So, here we have received no snow, so my old stomping ground is ahead of us in snow. Hard to believe.

  • Tejasguitarman

    It was great to see the beautiful snowfall blanket the trees & ground & even nicer that I didn’t have to pick up a shovel to clear pathways & driveways. As a Texas transplant from Noo Ham’sha that was very much appreciated! Hope we get more of the same this winter!