Only in Texas could we build a waterslide that was so epic it required an umlaut in its name and an operatic score in the video unveiling its majesty. That’s the story of the Verrückt, the forthcoming waterslide, built in Texas by Schlitterbahn, that will appear at the New Braunfels-based chain’s Kansas City location. 

Sadly, for those of us who like the idea of plummeting off of a waterslide that’s taller than Niagara Falls (seriously?) to what will somehow not be certain doom, but rather a splash-tastic thrill ride, the Schlitterbahn locations in New Braunfels, Galveston Island, and South Padre Island will not be the home of the Verrückt (which appropriately translates to “Crazy” in German). At the moment, the ride is reserved solely for the park’s Kansas City location, giving people who really love tall waterslides at least one reason to visit Kansas City (because we know it’s not the ketchupy ribs). If you’re a teenager in search of watery thrills—or, okay, an adult who’s like 12-years-old emotionally—prepare to get pretty jealous.