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The State of Texas: Another Texas Elector Says He Won’t Vote For Trump

Plus: A sudden sinkhole leaves a sheriff’s deputy dead in San Antonio, a mumps outbreak hits Johnson County, and Texas has a new secretary of state.

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“It’s just crazy that people could steal baby Jesus. And how could you not feel guilty about that?”

—Angie Bullington, owner of the Christmas Store in Tyler, to KYTX. Apparently baby Jesus is by far the most popular target at her store for thieves and robbers. “Thou shalt not steal” is clearly not a big concern for some people. 


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on October 8, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Electoral College Dropout
A second Texas elector has come out and said he won’t be voting for President-elect Donald Trump. The first Texas elector to do so, Art Sisneros, made clear his intention to resign rather than cast his electoral ballot in a blog post. But Christopher Suprun, of Dallas, made his announcement with a little more panache, via an op-ed in the venerable New York Times. Unlike Sisneros, whose rationale for not voting for Trump was based on biblical grounds, Suprun’s logic seems to be entirely secular. Among the pop culture references Suprun used to make his argument: Saturday Night Live (“Mr. Trump goes out of his way to attack the cast of “Saturday Night Live” for bias.”), Star Wars (““Rogue One,” the latest “Star Wars” installment, arrives later this month. I am not taking my children to see it to celebrate evil, but to show them that light can overcome it.”), and Hamilton (“Hamilton also reminded us that a president cannot be a demagogue”—OK, fine, Suprun was referring here to the actual historical figure rather than the hit Broadway musical). In the op-ed, the elector criticized Trump for surrounding himself with people Suprun sees as bad apples, like Trump’s national security adviser General Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon. Instead of voting for Trump, Suprun called for electors to unite behind an alternative, suggesting Ohio Governor John Kasich instead. “The election of the next president is not yet a done deal,” Suprun wrote. “Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country… Fifteen years ago, I swore an oath to defend my country and Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. On Dec. 19, I will do it again.” That’s a certifiable fire emoji kicker.


Sinking Feeling
A sinkhole opened up along a San Antonio road on Sunday evening, swallowing two cars and claiming the life of a part-time Bexar County sheriff’s deputy, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Images from the scene are truly horrific—the sinkhole was twelve-feet deep and spread the entire width of the road. The sinkhole trapped two drivers—68-year-old Doralinda Nishihara and another man who hasn’t yet been named by authoritities. According to the Express-News, a woman came to the aid of the man who was trapped in his vehicle before firefighters arrived to rescue them both from the pit’s muddy waters. But Nishihara never made it out. It’s still unclear what, exactly, caused the sinkhole, but it opened up at the scene of a sewer line rupture. San Antonio Water System workers are still working to pump out water from the hole so they can get a better look inside. It could be weeks before the road is reopened.

Gone Viral
Johnson County is in the middle of the worst mumps outbreak in a long time. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there are 28 current cases of mumps, mostly among kids in Cleburne and Keene. Of the 28 cases, 23 are in kids between the ages of 5 and 18. There haven’t been more than 20 cases in the entire state of Texas since 2011, and we’ve averaged just 35 cases a year from 2005 to 2015, so this is a very unusual outbreak. Officials with the Texas Department of State Health Services think they’ve narrowed down the starting point for the outbreak to a similar one in Arkansas, where five Johnson County students had visited family a month earlier and came back infected. About 34 of the 1,100 students in the Keene school district aren’t vaccinated (North Texas is big-time anti-vax country), and Keene and Cleburne schools have told unvaccinated students to either get the vaccine or go home and don’t come back to school for 26 days.

Secretary Swap
Governor Greg Abbott picked Texas’s new secretary of state on Monday, after the last guy abruptly resigned. You remember the last guy, right? Sure you do (psst: it was Carlos Casco). Abbott’s new appointee is Rolando Pablos, the former chariman of the Texas Racing Commission, according to the Texas Tribune. As the Tribune notes, during his two years as secretary of state Cascos “kept a relatively low profile,” which is certainly a Texas-sized understatement. But the secretary of state is Texas’s top elections officer and advises the governor on border issues, so it’s actually pretty important. It’s unclear why Casco resigned.


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  • sp

    I SUGGEST YOU DO, THE VOTE OF THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN , BORN AND RAISED TEXAN HERE! Dont start that liberal crap in this state.

    • kmathrn

      Move somewhere else if you don’t like it! The people did speak. He did not win the popular vote. You better start praying if he still comes out ahead.

      • Scott MacFarland

        The National popular vote means nothing. The State popular vote means everything. He concentrated his entire campaign in the swing states to win those as he was playing by the rules of the game. Your statement is simply not logical. Without California, Trump wins the popular vote,which means nothing. Do you even know how our Republic works? Direct democracies have failed throughout history. We are getting really tired of you losers clinging to the one point you have trying to change the rules after the game is played. Trump won 30 states, 90% of the counties, 306 electoral votes, and 85% of the geography of the country. That is a blowout.

        • St. Anger

          all true, except the “after the game is played” part.

          do you understand the rules or not?

    • José

      Why do you hate the US Constitution? Maybe you should move.

  • JEM

    It certainly seems the Texas Republican Party needs to take more care in selecting its electors.

    • Jed

      Or its nominee.

  • Alti

    Fun fact, Suprun’s PR contact listed on his twitter is [email protected]. That would be the Megaphone Strategies that was founded by Van Jones. Suprun is a liberal seeking personal fame and nothing more.

    • SpiritofPearl

      You’re a Pizzagate person.

  • Steve from Ohio

    Oh boy…here we go…….Star Wars ass hat says he won’t vote for Trump because of TV and movies…….
    Is there not an IQ test for the electoral college?
    Who put this nut bag in?

    Do you want to bet this turd came from California and is not a native Texan?

    The communist goal is to destroy the USA. They are trying to do it from the inside using the state run colleges as indoctrination centers to destroy our children. Stop sending you children to liberal colleges and if you really love your kids……home school until they have the wisdom to resist the garbage that the colleges are pushing.

    • Scott MacFarland

      He came from New York. Disgusting to think he can override the will of the people.

      • St. Anger

        which people? you’re not from texas, either.

        disgusting to think you would be meddling in our politics.

  • DefendAmerica

    A cursory look at Suprun shows him living in Cedar Hill, an unsavory part of Dallas suburbs, after moving from Virginia.

    A little Soros $, a “new” home, and a pretend Republican stance…infiltration at the ground roots.

    Pound sand, Marxist.

    • St. Anger

      makes about as much sense as worrying that syrian refugees are really ISIS plants.

      at least you’re consistent, dumbass.

  • Les Morpions

    The way I see it…

    Suprun is what some in public service refer to, not affectionately, as a “Whacker”. Most anyone under the age of 50 won’t understand the provenance, but back in the day, it was common for older elementary school kids, 6th graders, to be allowed to participate in manning the crosswalk, under the supervision of an adult. This kid would get to wear an orange belt, and stand there, “directing traffic”. For most kids this was a passing thrill, but for others it was a rite of passage onto a lifelong journey of seeking acceptance, importance, and respect through “public service” and more importantly, the trappings of public service. The walkie talkie, the orange vest, the EMT kit, the flashing lights, etc.

    As Whackers “mature”, they often end up becoming involved in volunteer public service positions. Often they are involved in things like amateur radio, RACES, ARES, and other civilian auxiliary “organizations” where they issue themselves shiny patches and outfit themselves with decommissioned cop cars with lots of antennas and sometimes light bars and sirens. These are the guys who show up uninvited to “disasters” like car pileups, fires, etc., and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

    Suprun has all the markings of a Whacker. He applied for the “position” of elector as a way to wield some sort of power in his actual world of ineffectual irrelevance. Today he enjoys a heady sense of importance in national affairs.

    What needs to happen is for his finances to be examined… Check his bank account and any recent deposits that seem out of sort…

  • Dark Peasant

    Are we even sure that Chris Suprun is a 9/11 hero backed up by independent confirmation or is his Foundation/bio simply an elaborate Stolen Valor scam? Something just doesn’t seem to match with the hero image vs. someone whose word means nothing to him. Plus, there are some questionable things about his Foundation such as no financial documents ever having been filed.

  • Dark Peasant