South by Southwest is back to #disrupt the state capital and all of our Twitter feeds with updates about the newest brands and bands showcasing in downtown Austin. Inspired by New York Magazine’s piece about tweets from Davos, an annual political and economic conference held in the Swiss Alps, here’s a collection of tweets from folks enjoying the festival that birthed Twitter back in 2006.

Sixth Street attracts its usual crowd of rowdy visitors.

A new verb is born.

Festival guests celebrate Austin culture.

Visiting industry folk support local transit.

Tension between the tech and music crowds rears its head in an unlikely setting.

Puppies are repurposed as a small fleet of branded phone chargers.

A lack of IRL meme appearances leave some visitors disappointed.

Others are upset by the value of their credentials.

Some people experience travel delays at the local airport.

Innovation extends beyond the interactive panels.

Not even in a bar restroom can you find a moment of solace.

Toward the end of the week, spirits start breaking.

(Photograph by Jack Plunkett, Invision/AP.)