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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Posted A Facebook Meme Suggesting “The Muslim World” Be Nuked

The deep fryer defender’s social media profile has since deleted the threatening image.

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Sid Miller likes to raise a ruckus. The agriculture commissioner appointed Ted Nugent to be his campaign treasurer, valiantly defended cupcakes from nonexistent threats, and spoke out on behalf of much-maligned deep fryers in Texas public schools. And, on Monday morning, he shared a meme on his Facebook page that advocated dropping nuclear bombs on “the Muslim world.”

japan muslim nuke

As Lauren McGaughey of the Houston Chronicle reports:

Miller’s shared post had received 2,232 likes and more than 300 comments by mid-morning Monday. Most of the comments agreed with Miller’s post with only one or two users disagreeing or stating using atomic weapons would be a step too far. […]

Calls to the commission’s media line were not immediately returned Monday morning. An individual that picked up the telephone at Miller’s nursery in Stephenville stated he would be traveling in China for the next three weeks.

This is not the first time Miller has made controversial remarks about Muslims. At a Texas Public Policy Foundation forum in January, Miller said he was kept up at night over “long-range concerns as I hold those two grandbabies on my lap. I have to wonder, when they have grandbabies to hold in their lap, will we be a socialist country? Will we be a Muslim country? Are we doing enough?”

The image has since been deleted from Miller’s Facebook page, and McGaughey reports that his office hasn’t responded to request for comment — perhaps not a surprise, as the commissioner is currently in China on an eleven-day tour. In any case, it’s another viral move from a statewide officeholder, and it seems unlikely that it’ll be the last.

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  • Robert McWhorter

    Sid Miller for president!!!!!!!

    • vippy

      And I bet this idiot voted for Climate Change, cutting off his nose, because we all would lose! We are already the world’s most terrorist nation invading all countries, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Angola, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc

      • Robert McWhorter

        I got news for you folks, we will never live in a peace
        loving word singing Kumbaya as sadists are in charge cutting off heads and nailing
        people on a cross. Get a grip. Islamic
        terrorism is, by definition, terrorist acts committed by Muslim groups or individuals who profess Islamic or Islamist motivations or
        goals. There is ONLY to
        deal with them is to kill them like the roaches they are.

        • vippy

          We are the sadists. Which organization is worse than our CIA?

          • Robert McWhorter

            And do you say “Allahu Akbar” as well?

          • vippy

            Well, why did you not call me a Nazi,too. What dies that have to do with me? I just don’t condemn one side only, not when we have to clean our front step, too.

      • waynus siez

        you are so predictable : first you demonize by using the word “idiot” , then you attack character by calling him a “denier” of climate change ( it’s the sun baby it’s the sun :-), but I’ll agree with you on the invasion of those countries for oil, poppy and various other capitalistic ventures. So sad that i can respect your difference of opinion but you LOATHE me for mine

        • vippy

          I never loathe anyone for their opinion, we all have them. What I find rather stupid is when government pushes for climate change but continues to destroy earth with wars makes no sense to me. We have no business in the Middle East, should have left them alone. Now we have an influx of Muslims in Europe, because they are fleeing their homeland, and in the USA because they, too, come here and want to force their way on to us. We invited this, now we are stuck with it. I said all along Europe needs to send all their migrants to the States since we are the culprit that stirred the pot. For any official to invoke the word “nuke” is just irresponsible. America is the only country ever to have used nukes, we are terrorists and our folks are made to believe that our government gives a dam about us people. Just take a good look around.

          • waynus siez

            We really probably could have a beer and solve the world’s problems in an hr or so, lol we have alot more in common than not . I do agree with alot of what you’ve said

          • John Leite

            you make a very good point and yes, war IS a government activity, can’t really see what we need with politicians and yes, absolutely we should’ve never got involved with the Middle East and what I never understood is why everyone is constantly giving or selling them weapons, if it had not been for our interference (also the Russians, China and others) they’d still be throwing rocks at each other instead of missiles

      • Michael Wilson

        Oops! I think you missed your stop. Iran is three stops back. This is we don’t give a shit what you Islam loving, America hating left-wing scumbags have to say, vippy.

    • EL Che

      Lets nuke white devil. White people are terrorists, rapists and mass murderers.

  • mark wyatt

    I no longer tell people Im from Tx. when I travel .

    • waynus siez

      plz find employment elsewhere if it’s such an embarrassment

      • mark wyatt

        Im not stupid enough to actually live there! LOL I wouldn’t get along with all the 6k earthers . I cant imagine the kind of person that would vote or GW twice , Perry 3x’s? and a TED CRUZ! TX is the land of the new prosperity GOP Jesus and Ted Nugent . That’s whats your famous for now in Vancouver .

        • Jameika

          When people talk about that, I always mention Beyonce.
          Although, most people didn’t vote for those people, so there’s that.

          • mark wyatt

            And Tamron Hall from MSNBC and Luling , TX. Stevie Ray .

        • waynus siez

          Excellent! Please stay and you don’t even have to read T M any longer, you’ve been absolved of yer sin 😉

          • mark wyatt

            If I could get my grandkids here I would . I fear them going to TX schools . I fear the healthcare they receive there even w/ ins. I see where they spend their time outdoors and its pathetic , TX is trashed , the rivers and coast are a joke . I fear the violence there . But mostly I fear them picking up the stupidity being tossed around there and the propagandizing people are being fed in TX. Google some images of Vancouver. Ive been trying to get my family out off there for years .

        • Michael Wilson

          ROFLAO. You’re Canadian. Like your opinion counts. We will gladly send all the muslims in our country to you. Oh and berkas for your women too.

          • mark wyatt

            I own two homes in Tx. and lived there 40+ years .

          • mark wyatt

            Muslim’s ? What are you a devout Christian or something ? Why hung up on muslims . That’s the sort of ignorant racist’ bigotry that makes TX a joke now. Thanks for making my point , IM sure most reasonable critical thinking people are laughing at that .

          • Thankin_Hank

            Duh? So Texans voted for Ted Cruz! Did I say DUH! already?

  • Christopher Placak

    This is one of the finest comments that I have heard in a long time. When Muslims talk about how they want to behead everyone and take over the world, CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, does not condemn them. I consider that the Western world and Asia may one day have no choice but to use thermonuclear weapons against the Islamic world. Think of it as spraying an insecticide on pests.

  • JesterEast

    Once again I am stunned by the attitudes of my fellow Americans…..

    • Blue Dogs

      Miller was easily elected by 20+ percentage points as TX Agriculture Commissioner!
      He says what he thinks & stands by them!

    • waynus siez

      You’ll really be stunned when those 7th century minded individuals start lobbing off the heads of your kids. The father of the arab race is ishmael ( the bastard child of Abraham), the almighty God allowed him to live after being cast out in the desert to die because God had a covenant with Abraham BUT God said, “you will be a wild donkey of a man and you WILL fight with all nations ALWAYS” . of course this included his descendants into perpetuity, this aligns with the stated goal of these backward thinking psychopaths. If someone were to repeatedly tell you they were going to kill you and your family in a horrible manner and terrorized the begeezus out of everybody around you would be stunned by our attitudes? really?

      • abacus

        If God said ” you will be a wild donkey of a man and you WILL fight with all nations ALWAYS” then this can apply jut as easily today the US, or Israel, or China, or India….. Or to North Korea…. And not too long ago it applied to Germany and Russia. Perhaps you should start by nuking yourself. After all, charity begins at home.

        • waynus siez

          I seriously doubt it, He said it to ishmael and hagar, not anybody else.

  • Jameika

    Wow. Reading these comments is depressing. Y’all are awful.

    First of all, there is no parallel: the US and Japan were at war and the atomic bomb ended the war. That’s not what brought us peace. It wasn’t the bomb that brought peace: it was the engagement and investment in Japan that did that. Plus, it’s a single nation.

    On the other hand, the US is not at war with ‘the Muslim World’ since that would be many countries and 1 and a half BILLION people. There is no ‘bombing the Muslim World’ unless you’re into nuclear armageddon for all of us.

    So think what you want of people’s religions, of terrorist groups, of whatever, but to think that the Ag commissioner (or whoever posted that) is saying *anything* about *anything* with that other than just blowing smoke, you’d have to be an absolute moron.

  • Assassin

    Here’s all you need to know about Islam http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  • don76550

    Don’t think Sid personally posted this, but then Texas Tribune has little regard for the truth. In any event it is an excellent posting. Recommend lining the bomb with bacon.

  • Christopher Placak

    I wanted to address this posting to vippy in particular and anyone else posting to this news story who are creating posts that are anti Christian, pro Islamic, anti United States, etc. I suggest that any of those who are inclined as mentioned need to go to google and type in Islamic religion, then click on images. Take the first 10, 25 or 50 or 100 images, whether or not they are pro Islam or anti Islam and then click on each one of them and go to the web page and read the information on that web page. If after you have performed this educational action and you are still the slightest bit pro Islamic then you are to some degree insane or just plain stupid. Islam, whether you accept it or not, intends to attack and destroy every other religion on this planet, even atheists and Satanists. Let us assume for the sake of argument that Christianity is not a perfect religion. Would you like to accept the imperfections of Islam instead? Would you like to have acid thrown in the face of your daughters when they want to go to school. You want to have the clitorises of your women cut off under penalty of death? You want forced circumcision of males who do NOT wish to be circumcised? Maybe if they resist they will be decapitated or if they are lucky they will be circumcised, castrated and forced to work the rest of their lives cleaning toilets in a Saudi palace. If a young girl talks to a young boy she will be strangled or stoned or decapitated. Then there is the non sense of throwing homosexuals off the roofs of buildings. Do you do that to bisexuals, too? There is an imam in Saudi Arabia who is attempting to tell the world that the sun revolves around the earth. When the Moslems take over you will no longer have dogs as pets, all your art and music will be destroyed and you will get to live a 7th century existence. Take a good look at all the majority Muslim countries on this world. If you think that they are so nice then why don’t you leave the United States and go there to live.
    Islam is not a religion, it is a political system that is camouflaged or masquerading as a religion. They are a patriarchal society that desires to supplant or destroy other males and then take their land and resources for themselves, all in the name of Allah. It is nothing more than biological competition and they, as far as I am concerned, are INFERIOR!
    When I stated earlier that we, and by we I mean China, India, Russia, Europe, Israel and the United States, should use thermonuclear weapons to destroy them as a farmer or gardener uses an insecticide to control pests. I want you to understand that by thermonuclear weapons I mean a special subset called neutron bombs that create massive neutron fluxes that destroy all animal life, and they do not create firestorms, devastating shockwaves, damage to buildings or massive amounts of radioactive isotopes that would need to be cleaned up. It has been referred to as the ultimate capitalist weapon. What you Muslims need to do is think about the history of war on this planet, Mao, the Romans, Stalin, Genghis Khan and most of all Adolf Hitler. Think about the huge numbers of deaths that took place and the horrific weapon systems that were involved. The crusades and the fighting of the past between Christians and Moslems was a pathetic joke. When our backs are finally against the wall and our survival is at stake you will be introduced to the most horrific weapons, cruelty, sadism and the dismissal of the rules of engagement. Use your primitive imaginations to think about how much progress there has been in the science of war since 1945. It will make the conflicts of the Second World War in Asia and Europe look like a disorganized children’s garden party. You will beg Allah for the gift of death.
    Go take a look at a picture of a typical Moslem. I have no interest in submitting to the will of a genetically inferior, neurophysiologically inferior, neurochemically inferior, intellectually inferior piece of subhuman verminous garbage. When no Muslims are left there will be no Allah and when there is no Allah, the Islamic religion will become nothing more than a footnote in the history books of all the other religions and peoples of the world.
    Google the name Christopher Placak or J. Christopher Placak, google the name Placak, we are all related, My father was Joseph Charles Placak, Sr., my mother is Mary Doris Homan, you go back a few generations on either the father’s or mother’s side of the family and you will find a common ancestor with Adolf Hitler and yes I am part Jewish. Let’s get the party started. Death to Allah.
    I do not travel in Moslem countries.
    I have one last comment to make about the piece of filth that inhabits the White House. He is nothing more than an affirmative action boob, elected by a pathetically ill informed American electorate. At best he is an Islamophile and at worst he is a crypto Muslim. He is a disgusting piece of garbage. What other president ever made an announcement regarding Eid and Ramadan?

  • enp

    There was an interesting article I read the other day about why America has struggled to win wars over the last few decades, and this article and many of the comments illustrate the point. You can’t wage “war” in any conventional sense against a religion or a belief. There is no “Muslim World” to bomb! There are Sunnis and Shiites in many, many countries around the world. Some are members of extremist groups that want to kill all non-believers, others are not. Some are in positions of power, some are not.

    We didn’t bomb Germany when the Red Brigade was setting off bombs and killing capitalists, we didn’t nuke Ireland when the IRA was at the top of their killing spree, and you can’t solve the problems of the Mideast by nuking the so-called “Muslim World”.

    I know that simplistic approaches are much in vogue at the moment (see “Donald Trump”), but the real world simply doesn’t not work that way.