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Texas Might Be Heading For A Major Measles Outbreak

Professionals point fingers at anti-vaxxers, but the movement remains strong.

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Pediatrician Dr. Amanda Porro M.D. delivers a flu vaccination to an infant's leg during his visit to the Miami Children's Hospital on January 7, 2015 in Coral Gables, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty

Earlier this month, Dr. Peter J. Hotez, a pediatrician at Baylor College of Medicine and director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, detailed a disturbing prediction for 2017 in an op-ed for the New York Times: the country could be facing a measles outbreak, and the Lone Star State could among the earliest casualties. “Texas, where I live and work,” Hotez wrote, “may be the first state to once again experience serious measles outbreaks.”

Anti-vaxxers have increasingly opted out of vaccinating their children against measles, among other things. Their movement was galvanized by the 2016 release of Vaxxed, a documentary film directed by Austin resident and former doctor Andrew Wakefield, the same man who authored a since-retracted study that linked vaccines with autism. The film doubled down on his research, and drew so much criticism from the health community that it was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Despite repeated assurances from credible health experts such as the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics that there is no link between vaccinations and autism, parents in Texas are opting out of getting their children vaccinated at an increasing rate. State data released in August showed that 45,000 non-medical exemptions were made last school year, an uptick from about 38,000 the year before, and up from just 3,000 in 2003, the first year a state law went into effect allowing parents to opt out of immunizations, according to the Houston Chronicle.

As we reported in September, that trajectory shows no signs of slowing, so Hotez’s prediction certainly bears some weight. In October 2016, Hotez published a journal article in the Public Library of Science that looked at vaccination and measles in Texas. Hotez wrote that “measles vaccination coverage in certain Texas counties is dangerously close to dropping below the 95% coverage rate necessary to ensure herd immunity and prevent measles outbreaks,” adding that “future measles outbreaks in Texas and possible measles deaths are not inevitable.”

From the 2016 journal article “Texas and Its Measles Epidemic.”

The spread of measles—one of the most contagious and deadliest diseases—could be stopped by the Eighty-fifth Texas Legislature, where there are currently pending bills that take aim at correcting the anti-vaccination trend. In December, State Representative Donna Howard, a Democrat representing Austin, filed a bill that would require parents and students who choose not to be vaccinated to indicate that they will “opt-out,” as opposed to the current system in which people must “opt-in” in order to be vaccinated. The bill would also require education for parents and students before they choose to opt-out. A similar bill filed by Representative Sarah Davis, a Republican from Houston, would require parents to complete an online educational course to inform them about the dangers of opting out of vaccination.

But anti-vaxxers make up a strong political bloc, and they’ve successfully thwarted pro-vaccination efforts in the Lege before. In 2015, state Representative Jason Villalba of Dallas tried to pass a law that would have entirely removed the exemption protection for parents who claimed to have a “conscientious objection” to vaccinations. His proposal was promptly torn to pieces by a few thousand members of a Facebook group for Texas anti-vaxxers, which formed a PAC, Texans for Vaccine Choice, that ultimately killed Villalba’s bill.  “These people, they literally said it to my face—they hate me,” Villalba told the Texas Tribune in April 2016, after his bill flopped. “This is a group that is very dedicated, very organized; this issue is very important to them.” Even after the bill failed, the PAC kept on Villalba. Jackie Schlegel, the PAC’s creator, told KUT in January that PAC members “knocked on nearly 10,000 doors for his challenger.” Villalba narrowly avoided defeat. Villalba told KUT that he supports Representative Davis’s bill, but it seems unlikely he’ll try to revive his own. “I’m not interested in a suicide mission on this issue,” Villalba told the Tribune last April.

Texas remains one of only seventeen states that allow parents to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations due to philosophical objections. None of the currently pending bills in the Lege would change that. Still, the Texans for Vaccine Choice PAC has already started to push back against the pro-vaccine billse. The anti-vax crowd is active on social media, and let Davis know that they were upset about her bill. In several exchanges with these folks on Twitter in late January, Davis shot down claims that vaccines cause autism by calling such assertions “alternative facts.

Two days after Davis’s tweet storm, Texans for Vaccine Choice posted a blog on its website that condemned her for tweeting the word “[email protected]”. “Concerned parents have been called many things in the course of this debate but having a state legislator use such vile language is a first,” Schlegel said in the statement. “Sarah Davis is a disappointment and an embarrassment to our state…We hope all organizations and individuals in this debate use a few less F words and a little more common sense.”

The PAC has also been a harsh critic of Hotez. In January, the PAC’s website published a blog post that began with the dictionary definition of the word “epicenter,” and proceeded to complain about being blamed for future measles outbreaks, calling Hotez a “media darling who lately sounds like a broken record.”

Hotez hasn’t backed down. “Sadly, the Texas anti-vaxxer movement has become conflated with fringe political elements to create a dangerous and toxic mix of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories,” Hotez wrote in the Public Library of Science journal. “This is now manifesting as a powerful yet misleading, propaganda-filled film documentary, together with an emboldened PAC designed to influence the Texas State Legislature towards anti-vaccine platforms. I worry that, as the most second-most populated state in the US, Texas is seen as a battleground for the anti-vaxxer movement.”

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  • anonyfool
  • Kathy Young

    Most of the “outbreaks” of measles and whooping cough have been from VACCINATED children. Some, with not even one unvaccinated child in the group even getting the disease. http://www.stjosephpost.com/2016/11/29/about-73-confirmed-suspected-mumps-cases-at-university-of-missouri/ I am vaccine injured with autoimmune diseases. I have friends with autistic children who received their autism thanks to vaccines. The children’s vaccine schedule is now 74 doses from birth to age 16. Since 1986, vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued. And vaccines are NOT tested for safety like other pharmaceutical drugs (they are in a different “class”), like Viagra for instance (it was tested 10 years for safety vs days for the safety of the Hep. B vaccine to be given to U.S. one day old babies). Quite a profit margin for vaccines since the manufacturers can’t be sued for causing death, and all kinds of horrible diseases and since they do not have to spend much money, if any, qualifying that they are indeed safe. As a matter of fact, the one study that pediatricians point to most often to say vaccines are safe is the CDC’s MMR study, which one of the CDC’s own senior scientists blew the whistle on, proving that there IS in fact, a causal link between the MMR and autism. The CDC committed fraud in publishing findings which they changed to hide that link. I could go on and on. Big Pharma has big money. Texans for Vaccine Choice does not. But we will continue to exercise our FREE SPEECH to keep our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS to MEDICAL FREEDOM and vaccine choice. We have enough government intruding in our lives, and we certainly do not want government, who is relying on FRAUDULENT safety studies, to mandate that we put known toxins into our bodies or our children’s bodies. Do your own research. The truth is out there. Here is a great site by a former Merck employee to get you started: http://www.learntherisk.org/ Do you KNOW what is in a vaccine?

  • Chelsea Neusse Barlow

    Have you read the WHOLE blog post mentioned in this article? Because you are doing EXACTLY what it calls you out on, Texas Monthly!
    Here you go in case you missed it: http://www.texansforvaccinechoice.com/online/why-yes-we-are-the-epicenter/

  • Amanda Molina

    This is a joke of an article. It’s really hard to take supposed journalism seriously when they call measles “deadly “. Remember that most of the parents the article is trying to vilify have children that are injured from vaccines.

  • Christina Marie West

    OK, aside from views on vaccinations; Who is this Sarah Davis and how the heck was she elected into any office???

    • Christina Marie West

      It didn’t post my whole comment; OK, aside from views on vaccinations; Who is this Sarah Davis and how the heck was she elected into any office??? She is representing Texas, she needs to watch your language and maybe take some grammar courses so she sounds a little more intelligent.

  • Shawn_Siegel

    You characterize the movie VaxXed as a doubling down on Andy Wakefield’s research, when it in fact chronicles the admission by a whistleblowing senior CDC analyst of egregious corruption in that organization. When a 2002 CDC study.found a strong correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism, the whistleblower and the other researchers who’d conducted the study met to destroy the damning data, resulting in a manipulated, false conclusion, still used to this day as a basis for the claim that there’s no causal relation. The whistleblower’s testimony was read into the congressional record now almost two years ago, and we’re still waiting for a House Oversight Committee to convene, to subpoena the man, so that Congress and the American public can hear his testimony.

    Your characterization of measles as fearsome, as deadly, is preposterous. Along with the other infectious illnesses, by mid-20th century in the U.S. it was, and still is, a benign illness, that leaves behind a robust, natural immunity, and is often cathartic.

  • Mike Stewart

    This is not journalism, this is echoing vaccine talking points without actual research. This is repeating lies told by pharmaceutical companies to sell an ever increasing number of vaccinations.
    The actual insert included with the vaccines packaging, but NOT given to patients, lists all of the adverse reactions. Many list reactions that fall under the “autism” spectrum, as well as other potentially (and often) deadly reactions.
    This article says it was debunked? Read the actual insert.
    Polio was never eradicated, just renamed into several different diseases. All new cases came from the vaccine itself. A little bit of research, and one would find that vaccines never eradicated any disease, but, if we allow our government to fail at maintaining clean water and effective waste treatment, if we allow big corporations to poison the water and the air we will see a return of diseases that these advances eliminated. If we allow big pharmaceutical companies to continue poisoning our babies, we will see an ever increasing number of infant mortalities and lifelong ailments and diseases.
    Look up the US infant mortality rate. Look up incidences of autism vs vaccination rates. Look up ANYTHING, but disregard this garbage.

  • Linda Barry
  • Linda Barry
  • Linda Barry

    You the journalists are bought by big pharmaceutical companies just like the bias news stations! We the people see the truth!! I will no longer buy your magazines!!

  • Linda Barry
    • St. Anger

      it isn’t just about YOUR children. it is about ALL our children.

      selfish and clueless.

      • B Walker

        When my 5yo normally developing son develops neuro tics, cognitive regression, brain inflammation and lifelong challenges of now being on the spectrum right after an MMR vaccination, it is absolutely ALL about MY child.

        Try living one day in the life of my child or in my shoes as the caregiver.

        You are the the selfish and clueless one.

        • Jed

          I am sorry about your son. Both my sons also have chronic disabilities, so I know how maddening that can be and I know the tendency to want to find a culprit.

          But just because one thing happened after another doesn’t mean they are causally related.

          And in this case, the causal relationship you are positing has been disproven.

          Again I am sorry for your troubles. But creating a national disease epidemic won’t change anything for your son or anyone else, except the people who die.

          • Anne Nans

            If we stop the madness with vaccines we will
            lose the epidemics of autism, tics, asthma, etc. Injected neurotoxins is about the dumbest thing we can do to babies. Read James Lyons Weiler’s The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism: http://skyhorsepublishing.com/titles/11592-9781510710863-environmental-and-genetic-causes-of-autism

          • Rock Flemings

            The parent who you are talking to does not care about causal links. I guarantee you that for her this isn’t about policy. She’s fighting for the life of her child if she is forced to vaccinate him/her. Her having an exemption is not going to create a national disease epidemic.

          • Jed

            Maybe if parents cared more about understanding causal links they could help identify the actual cause of autism.

          • Sherri Olson-Hewett

            Jed, you’re wrong. It has absolutely NOT been disproven. And when you write posts like that, you show your true ignorance. It’s nice that you’re not being rude to Avalene, but it doesn’t make you any less WRONG!!!! Try watching Vaxxed one day. I’m sure you’re far too afraid of the truth to do it, but you really should. You’ve been played by Big Pharma and the CDC. It stings when you learn the truth and it’s simply infuriating that we have several lost generations from being poisoned by these ridiculous things that DO NOT even work. Oh and amalgam fillings, too. In case you didn’t get enough poison from your shots! Just disgusting! I guess that might be the cause of the ignorance of all the sheeple like you and your resistance to learning the truth… you’re poisoned too and you just don’t know it! Do you have any health problems? Arthritis? Diabetes? Thyroid conditions? Emotional issues? Anxiety? Or you are the picture of health? I doubt it! You have your government to thank for dropping the ball when it really mattered. But don’t worry. The truth is starting to come out now whether you like it or not. I guess the only bummer for you is that your paid Big Pharma trolling job will be over soon! Better start sending out some resumes! Lol!

        • Barbara loeppke

          My son was 5 too. Previously completely neurotypical. Blows those “well they were just developing” stories out of the water, doesn’t it. But Jed seems to think that he and only he can be aware of their child’s disability. He wants to be the judge for the rest of us.

      • Sherri Olson-Hewett

        OK genius! Guess what! Vaccinated kids get diseases they’ve been vaccinated for all the time! So what’s so wonderful about your poisonous vaccines? They’re USELESS!!!!! But keep lining up to risk your child’s life and health because some criminals at the CDC burned the evidence proving the MMR link to autism. LOL! You people make me laugh with your fear and ignorance of the truth. Luckily for you all, the truth will come out any way! Your child will be saved IN SPITE OF YOU!!!!! If you actually watched the movie Vaxxed you’d see how badly you’ve been played! But you won’t watch it. Too afraid!

      • Rock Flemings

        My child having a conscientious exemption does not endanger other children.

        • Jed

          Law of large numbers.

      • Barbara loeppke

        St. Anger. Some of us have evolved from the days of the Ancient Aztecs, where a healthy child was sacrificed for the greater good. Apparently you have not.
        And perhaps we shouldn’t be using a vaccine that is the subject of scientific fraud.





  • Linda Barry
    • St. Anger

      my question to you is: do you understand statistics?

      • Rock Flemings

        What statistics? Let me guess. “The risk of an adverse reaction to a vaccine is 1 in a million.” Please pick any geographical area of the United States where there are 1 million children and only 1 vaccine-induced adverse reaction.

        Would you like to discuss statistics in determining if vaccines are safe? Okay, which vaccine are we discussing and how do you define “safe?”

        Would you like to discuss statistics in determining if vaccines are effective? Again, which vaccine are we discussing and how do you define “effective?” I’m pretty sure that my background as an expert in immunology as a board-certified medical laboratory scientist will reveal some things that you haven’t considered.

        Or perhaps we could discuss how my background as an expert in immunohematology might blow your mind about the recommendations made by CDC scientists regarding the CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule. Before I will have this eye-opening discussion with you, however, I have a condition. To prove that you have at least an elementary education on the issue, list every vaccine on the Schedule and the times at which each vaccine is recommended by the CDC. Come to think of it, you think you’re such a smart guy. You want to talk about any of these statistics or this science, answer that question first. It’s okay if you google it. I understand.

  • Caroline

    “Measles is one of the deadliest diseases” is NOT true. That is fearmongering. Over 54% of our kids has one or more chronic illnesses. 1 in 45 has autism. That’s an epidemic but doctors and journalists are not talking about it. WHY? Brainwashed or greedy or both. Please watch video of 13-year-old teen who was paralyzed by the HPV vaccine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHYmb9Hwj4A&t=117s

  • Sacha

    There is no evidence they cause autism or any other health problem. Meanwhile, measles killed 130,000 people in 2015 and can cause brain damage that lingers for years.

    What’s more, unvaccinated people don’t just threaten their own health. Outbreaks are more likely to occur during dips in the percentage of a population that’s immune. And some people—like the immune-compromised or elderly—can’t receive certain vaccines, but they are still susceptible to getting sick if an outbreak occurs.

    • Star Stevens

      Not one child in the USA has died of the measles in the past decade.

      • St. Anger

        gee (taking your stats at face value), what is different between the US and the places where measles deaths do occur?

        couldn’t be vaccines, eh?

    • Anne Nans

      Before you say there is no connection with vaccines and autism, please read this book. Dr. Lyons-Weiler reviewed over 1,000 studies on causes of autism and vaccines are a problem. http://skyhorsepublishing.com/titles/11592-9781510710863-environmental-and-genetic-causes-of-autism

    • Sherri Olson-Hewett

      Sorry, Sacha, but you don’t know what you’re talking about! There is a TON of evidence of the harm that vaccines do! But when one doesn’t want to believe it, one can stay ignorant for decades. I bet you believed that “Cigarettes don’t cause cancer” BS for all those years, too! Lol! You’re gonna be oh so sad once all the truth comes out. Because your work-at-home paid troll gig for Big Pharma will be over! I can’t believe how many people are so gullible to buy all this crap from Big Pharma. These criminals even know the damage their poisons are causing! I bet they laugh behind closed doors. We already know one other thing that the CDC does behind close doors…. destroys evidence proving the MMR/autism link! Have you even bothered to watch Vaxxed? I’m sure you haven’t. Because you don’t want to face the face that you risked your kids lives and health under the direction of your “pediatrician” and the U.S. CDC who LIED about this link. I pray your kids are ok, but I hate to tell you that, even if they don’t have autism or didn’t die of SIDS, any other health issues they have (asthma, ADD, RA, Crohn’s, diabetes, etc. etc.) are due to vaccines and the immunosuppression that comes from having MERCURY and ALUMINUM in ones brain and organs. But go ahead and stay ignorant. That’s so much easier than facing reality, I’m sure! I am vaccine injured myself by the way. So you can spare me your BS about how wonderful and safe vaccines are! I along with MILLIONS of others know the truth. And the truth can’t stay hidden forever no matter how hard sheeple like you try to keep it hidden!

  • Star Stevens

    Measles are NOT an epidemic.
    They are a mild childhood illness that will give us a lifelong immunity.
    Vaccines are a pitiful substitution & come with grave risks.

    • St. Anger

      “Not one USA child has died from the measles in over a decade.”

      lol. irony alert.

      • Sherri Olson-Hewett

        Wow! Irony? How about the irony that none of the UNVACCINATED kids have died from measles either, so the vaccine has no purpose! Articles like this are just meant to scare sheeple like yourself. Guess that works well! Lol! Additionally, herd immunity is a myth! You can poison your child(ren) all you want, but the rest of us with a brain must always have the choice!

  • secede

    I’m sure when the WALL is built the incidence of these contagious diseases will decrease significantlyrics. Let’s talk about THAT.

  • secede

    1940. Incidence of autism 1/10,000

    1950. Incidence of autism 1/10,000

    1960. Incidence of autism 1/10,000

    1970. Incidence of autism 1/10,000

    1980. Incidence of autism 1/10,000

    1988. The movie Rain Man introduces the term autism to the general public.

    1989 MMR introduced.

    1998. Incidence of autism 1/500

    2000. Incidence of autism 1/250

    2004. Incidence of autism 1/166

    2007. Incidence of autism 1/150

    2009 incidence of autism 1/110

    2012 incidence of autism 1/88

    2014 incidence of autism 1/68

    It is projected that by 2032 the incidence of autism will be 1/2, and 80% of those will be boys.

    1988 Dr. Andrew Wakefields article published in AMA Journal of medicine hinting at a link between the new MMR vaccine and autism is declared a fraud, he loses his licence to practice medicine.

    CDC owns the patent on the MMR and makes BILLIONS of dollars per year off these required vaccines. The patent contains Thimerasol, a cheap preservative that contains over 200 mcg of mercury per dose, which is 100s of time higher than the FDA allowable exposure in anything else. There is no other valid reason why the vaccines should contain Thimerisol as a preservative except it’s very inexpensive.

    The one case where the government conceded Thimerasol caused that particular child’s autism and awarded her a monetary damage award was sealed as part of the settlement agreement.

    In November 2002, the dead of the night before the bill was to be passed, a rider was slipped into the Homeland Security Act a declaration that ALL lawsuits against the manufacturers of ALL vaccines that contain, and STILL contain Thimerasol, were dismissed.

    This is just the beginning of the story.

    • St. Anger

      looks like the answer was right there in your timeline:

      “1988. The movie Rain Man introduces the term autism to the general public.”

      anti-vaxxers who don’t understand science OR civic responsibility: 1/1

      • Rock Flemings

        I guarantee you that the members of Texans for Vaccine Choice are far more educated than you are on the subject of vaccines. And as for civic responsibility, it is not the responsibility of these mothers to set their children on fire to ensure that your child stays warm.

  • Anne Nans

    Do you think we are afraid of a little measles and pertussis? We don’t have special needs classrooms now but special needs schools. A generation has been damaged and we are going into the next generation. The current vaccine schedule is insanity, much more about profit than health. There is plenty of science showing neurotoxic and autoimmune damage from vaccines. Vaccine injury is everywhere and so much so that we dont even notice it. Sick and neurologically damaged is the new norm.

  • Rock Flemings

    I am a board-certified medical laboratory scientist in Texas. I am proud to be among the founding members of Texans for Vaccine Choice when I knew Jackie Schlegel as just another Warrior Parent. Jackie and I met each other because having a child with autism is a challenge and the best source to find information and resources is another parent. I want to emphasize that Texans for Vaccine Choice is not a group of “anti-vaxxers.” We’re parents. Most of us have children that are vaccinated. Like obedient citizens of our community we did as we were told and vaccinated our children. I was in medical school at the time. My daughter was four years old and we were excited that she was going to kindergarten. We got her pre-K shots and our lives changed forever. That night, she spiked a fever of 105 and started having convulsions. I had to fill her bathtub with ice to save her life! Put your political rhetoric pen down and listen. Have you ever had to put your baby in ice to save her life?

    My knowledge about vaccines is not influenced by “the movement” or some celebrity. I didn’t start researching vaccines because I wanted something to blame. I wanted to learn because I knew that some day I would have another baby. And I would have to decide again if my 2nd child would be vaccinated. You see, that’s what Texans for Vaccine Choice is about. Making sure that you, the parent of your child, have the right to choose for yourself and your family if a vaccine is appropriate.

    We didn’t start this fight. Rep. Jason Villalba started this fight when he wanted to tell me, a parent, a veteran, and a scientist, that I was not going to be given the option to choose what is best for my family any more. I testified before the House Public Health committee, I joined with Jackie in what was, at the time, a losing battle. We weren’t a PAC. We were just a group of “angry moms in minivans.” When the session was over, because of our numbers and the superior leadership of Jackie and so many others, 17 bad bills were dead. Because they were bad ideas funded by huge corporations that thought that they could buy the vote. I am so proud that the Texas House told Big Pharma that their bills had no hope of ever getting passed. And yes, I block walked for Dan Morenoff in Dallas even though I was not even a Republican. You have no idea how uncomfortable that was! But Dan believed that Texas parents should have a choice and Jason didn’t.

    And when this session is over, I will block walk for whoever will challenge Sarah Davis. For those that talk about causal links and herd immunity, y’all just don’t get it. We don’t need statistics. We don’t need causal links. You think this fight is about vaccines and autism. You’re wrong. You have no clue why we fight so hard and it’s obvious. It’s right in front of your face. Because if we don’t have the right to choose not to vaccinate our children, our children will die. I am an extremely protective father and every mother that I know in this fine organization is an absolute momma bear when it comes to their cubs. We’re fighting for the lives of our children!

    I’m more than happy to educate anybody that is willing to learn about the science of vaccines. I don’t talk about causal links or statistics. I don’t make generalized sweeping statements like “vaccines are good” or “vaccines are bad.” That’s for you to decide. I am more than willing to discuss herd immunity if you are capable of answering one simple question. “What is the name of the scientist, and in what year, was “herd immunity” theorized?” Answer that question and we can talk about herd immunity.

    My degree and my credentials do not qualify me as a person with legitimacy in being able to talk about the science of vaccines. I guarantee you that the mothers of Texans for Vaccine Choice are far more educated than the author of this article on the subject of vaccines. I guarantee you that the mothers of Texans for Vaccine Choice are more educated on the subject of vaccines than the people responding to their comments on this page. They are more educated than anybody in the Immunization Partnership. And I will absolutely guarantee you that they are more educated than Dr. Hotez on vaccines.

    These mothers know so much about vaccines because they are searching for a way to recover their child from vaccine-induced autism and so many other horrible effects. They are seeking to understand the biomedical processes that are involved so they can reverse the effects. And some Texas parents have successfully recovered their child from autism. Without a medical degree.

    You think that the “anti-vaxxers” are threatening the safety of your children because of your belief in herd immunity. Fair enough. But the author of this article, and the author of Jason Villalba’s bill, wanted to tie the number of exemptions with the probability of an outbreak. But here’s the facts and this is why Jason’s bill died. 1) Texas does not report on the number of exemptions for the MMR, or the DTaP, or HepB. The state DSHS only publishes reports on the number of exemptions. Period. But if you talk to parents who question vaccines, the HepB shot that is recommended at birth is the #1 reason why parents have an exemption. Not the MMR. Not the DTaP. Why do they need an exemption? What is so wrong with the HepB? Ask them. They’ll be sure to educate you.

    There are so many reasons why individuals choose to partner with Texans for Vaccine Choice and being an “anti-vaxxer” is rarely one of them. No, Texans for Vaccine Choice fights for the right for every Texas family to choose for themselves if vaccines are appropriate for the members of their family. Virtually every member of this outstanding organization has a medical reason for why the need an exemption. You might be asking yourself, “Then why don’t they get a medical exemption?” Again, ask them. They’ll be sure to educate you.

    • Sherri Olson-Hewett

      Beautifully written! Great perspective on this issue coming from a scientist! I’m devastated to hear about your daughter, but thankful she had a smart parent who knew what to do then and since! And I’m also so grateful when parents like you are strong enough to stand up and speak out. SO many parents were beaten into submission when they first announced to the world what happened to their child and that vaccines caused it. Keep up the great work! We are going to win this war in the end because unlike Big Pharma, the CDC, the criminals who run both of those, and the legalized drug pushers known as pediatricians, WE actually have the TRUTH on our side! <3

  • Barbara loeppke
  • Barbara loeppke

    Merck and Fraud (Merck is exclusive manufacturer in the U.S. Of the MMR, varicella, GARDASIL and zoster, and makes many others. This is how they do business with drugs:





  • Chelsey Vela

    Please protect right to choose regarding all medical prevention and treatments. The treatment for measles may be more simple then the common lay person or medical personnel imagines. Vitamin A deficiency is a major factor in the effect of the illness. In fact, increasing vitamin a could be used as a preventative but randomized trials need to be performed by no drug company will do that. .they can’t make money on that.