Last December, the Houston Astros had a hilarious tweet:

That’s right: The team, expected to be one of the worst in Major League Baseball, really thought it necessary to notify fans that the Taylor Swift concert Minute Maid in October — the middle of playoff season — could be rescheduled should the team need it. More than 2,000 people retweeted it, many laughing at the “adorable” Astros who’d “lost touch with reality,” suggesting that the Astros might want to look into signing Taylor Swift as a closer.


Of course, the Astros turned out to be baseball’s best surprise in 2015 (unless you count the revelation that the St. Louis Cardinals are an organization of cheaters), and the team as of this writing sits atop the American League West, tied with the Los Angeles Angels. They have the fourth-best record in the American League, making them a very likely playoff pick, whether they win the division or claim a wildcard spot. And now, even Tay-Tay has to acknowledge that the 2015 Houston Astros are legit: Her concert, originally scheduled for October 13, has been moved to September 9, when the team will be in Oakland for the start of an 11-day road trip. As the Astros’ own press release explains (with an awesome amount of alliterative action):

Why are you changing the date of the concert?

As the Astros proactively prepare for potential postseason play, we are committed to ensuring Taylor Swift fans can experience this concert at Minute Maid Park, with as much notice as possible.

Swift, for her part, hasn’t commented on the date change, but presumably the megastar will manage the updated city references in her stage banter with aplomb. It was previously a blank space in her tour schedule, so if there is any bad blood, she’ll presumably shake it off with style. (Note: OK, actually, she was supposed to be in Fargo, North Dakota that day, but just let us have this.) And if she really wants to deliver for the hometown fans, she could shout out Astros ace Dallas Keuchel and his righteous beard from the stage.

photo credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire URN:23373614 (Press Association via AP Images)