WHAT: A heartfelt letter from one Houston sports icon to another.

WHO: José Altuve and J.J. Watt.

WHY IT’S SO GREAT: George Springer may have been the World Series MVP, but José Altuve will forever be the MVP of our hearts. The diminutive second baseman’s on-field prowess and off-field persona are both so incredibly likable that he has readily claimed a spot in our Houston Justice League alongside Beyoncé and Mattress Mack. He only cemented that this week when he penned a handwritten letter to the group’s Superman, J.J. Watt, as a way to show his appreciation for the injured Texans star. That’s a thing that Altuve would do upon winning the World Series, just because: He’d write a letter of encouragement to Watt thanking him for everything he does for the city.

Altuve sent a bottle of “fine whiskey” to all of his teammates—and to Watts, owing to the pass-rusher’s hurricane relief efforts, Astros fandom, and everything else he’s done “for the city we call home.” The bottle came wrapped in a velvet bag embroidered with “2017 World Champions #HoustonStrong,” and we expect that Watt will cherish it forever—unless he decides to auction it to raise money for Harvey victims, or donate it to a museum celebrating adorable bromances so visitors can feel the same warmth we do when we look at his tweet. This week, the best thing in Texas is definitely Altuve for sending the letter, and Watt for posting it so that we could all get a pick-me-up from knowing it exists. Now that’s teamwork.