We’re just over a month away from the start of basketball season, and if you need a diversion that isn’t the better-than-expected Cowboys, the about-as-good-as-expected Texans, the pitiful Astros, or the in-the-hunt Rangers, you might consider casting a vote in the Dallas Mavericks’ alternate jersey contest

To engage fans, owner Mark Cuban—who once offered the same opportunity to rapper/mogul Diddysolicited uniform designs back in May. Last week, he selected his ten favorites and put ’em up to a vote via Facebook. 

Some of the uniforms are, um, interesting looking, but if you’ve got a favorite, now is the time to cast your vote: At the moment, fewer than 2,000 votes have been cast in the contest, so if you’ve got your heart set on one, a savvy social media effort from someone with even a modest number of Twitter followers could well swing the contest. 

Before you do, though, let’s take a look at some of the options.

These aren’t exactly bad-looking, but they look way more like soccer jerseys than they do basketball jerseys. 

The current leader, this triple-threat alternate jersey highlights how much people in Dallas love Dallas by placing the skyline, Denver Nuggets-style, right across the chest. 

One can only assume that Cuban is really into argyle patterns, which is how this design—currently bringing up the rear with a mere 21 votes—cleared his top ten.

Give this one credit for including a “vision statement” explaining the design, but the loopy western font is the sort of throwback that’s probably better in concept than execution.

This relatively non-descript design that focuses on existing Mavs iconography is currently in second place, presumably buoyed by anti-skyline sentiment among the over 300 people who have voted for it. 

For the rest of the contest entries, click over to the voting page.

Top image via Flickr