Well, if what you’ve always wanted out of your church was a free gym, Houston-based fitness guru, Samir Becic has got you covered. Becic, who’s faith is primarily placed in the idea that “smart fitness, good nutrition, social well-being, and some form of spirituality can change your body, maybe even change your life,” recently published a list of the top 20 fittest churches in Texas. Because what good is developing your faith if you can’t also develop your biceps?

Champion Baptist Forest Church in Houston takes the top spot, and for good reason. According to the breakdown of its high ranking, Champion Baptist’s facilities include a weight room, two full-size gyms, racquetball courts, a jogging track, as well as a smattering of fitness class options for kids and adults. This gives the phrase “megachurch” a whole new meaning. 

Here are some other key takeaways from the list: 

  1. Many Baptist churches in Texas are really just fitness clubs with chapels attached.

  2. Houston probably has the fittest church-going population in the country.

  3. Regular church attendance could help you save on a gym membership.

  4. At least seven churches in Texas have indoor running tracks, and at least six offer yoga classes.

  5. There is such a thing as a church with an attached bowling alley.


Becic runs a nonprofit organization called Health Fitness Revolution that places volunteers in schools, churches, community centers, and corporations. ​See his complete breakdown and ranking of fit churches over on the Health Fitness Revolution blog.