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Not, perhaps, the most exciting slideshow, but after going back to the drawing board because they accidentally stole their new logo from a Dubai real estate company, the city of Amarillo has a selection of finalists proposed by the citizens themselves. Talk about civic, and litigious-free, engagement.

Texas By The Numbers

Highway Robbery Number of armored-car robberies in Houston since January: eleven. That figure, as a percentage, of all amored-car robberies throughout the country: 33 percent. Number of times Texas robbers got away: four. Success rate: 36 percent.

Who’s On The Ballot? — Number of state reprentatives: 150. Number of representatives named “Sheffield”: two. Percentage of Sheffields for whom this is causing a serious headache: 100 percent.

Daily Roundup

Brown Goin’ Down? — Don’t do a Google search for “Mack Brown;” your Internet will explode. That’s what happens when “a high-ranking source” starts whispering that the Longhorns coach plans to step down after his less-than-perfect season. Other things that will explode upon searching for Mack Brown stories: your head. The new is all over the place, with Brown’s lawyer, Joe Jamail, denying the little-scoop-that-could, according to numerous publications. But a whole bunch of other publications are saying the exact opposite. Fox Sports throws a Hail Mary with “Texas Longhorns Coach Mack Brown Set To Step Down.” The Austin American-Statesman plays very aggressive defense with “Source: Mack Brown has had retirement discussions.” Some publications, like USA Today Mixed messages on Mack Brown’s future as Texas coach are playing a safe game. The publication that wins the trophy for trying to have it both (and all) ways may be Sports Illustrated, which declared in a single headline, “Mack Brown may resign, but questions still loom in Texas athletics.” Isn’t that the question? SI does deserve an extra, albiet craven, point for including “nick-saban” as part of the story’s URL link.

Lehmberg, Baby — Embattled Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg took the stand yesterday during the civil trial against her. During her testimony, Lehmberg was apparently “holding back tears and taking deep breaths, as she recalled her struggles with alcohol,” admitted she was heavily intoxicated the night she was arrested, and talked about the troubles she faced and the treatment she’s sought. The prosecution is trying to prove that Lehmberg is “unfit for office and could harm the public interest.” The trial continues today. Bring tissues.

Gov. Rick Perry threatened to veto funding from her office’s Public Integrity Unit – See more at:

Children of Texas — Good news! “Teen births in Bexar County dropped 16.5 percent from 2010 to 2012,” according to the San Antonio Express-News. That’s a decline of 543 births from last year’s staggering figures of 3,298. The story seems to indicate that it wasn’t abstinence that led to this decline, but rather better outreach to at-risk teens by social workers and doctors, not to mention, er, family planning practices. Not that there isn’t also some bad news in the mix: “the birth rate in the county still was 46 percent higher than the national average.” 

Those Dangerous … Architects — If you’re in an architect in Texas, watch out, you’re about to be on government’s grid: “starting January 1, 2014, architects who apply for an occupational license in Texas will have to share their fingerprints with the state,” according to Mike Riggs at The Atlantic (Cities edition). This new law also includes “licensed architects seeking to have their registrations renewed.” Oh, and “violators face a fine of up to $5,000 per day in which they are not in compliance with the new law.” It’s not exactly clear why this law was passed, it seems to be that lawmakers may have feared architects and their uninhibited access to people’s money, guns, drugs, and children.

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