Perfectionist of the day

Texas high school student Isaac Hanemann, of McAllen, is a four-percenter. He joins the select few who’ve earned a perfect ACT score of 36.

Real Character

Next time you feel like getting married, need a coroner, or require any other duty that falls under a Justice of the Peace’s purview, call up Marvin “Quail” Dobb in Coahama. Because the former rodeo clown and Cowboy Hall of Famer knows a thing or two about life, as this recent profile in the Houston Chronicle makes clear.

Daily Roundup

Well, That Ain’t Wright — Tomorrow is the official voting day! And state officials almost made it to Tuesday without another high-profile snafu with the new voter ID law. Almost. On Saturday, former U.S. Representative, former Speaker of the House, and political legend Jim Wright wasn’t just made to sign an affidavit affirming his real-ness, he was actually denied an ID card. The ninety-year-old Wright has apparently “worked things out” with the Department of Safety (gotta watch out for those dangerous nonagenarians), according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegraph report. However, the former speaker did have a few words about the incident: “I earnestly hope these unduly stringent requirements on voters won’t dramatically reduce the number of people who vote,” he said. “I think they will reduce the number to some extent.”

Eighth Wonderous Discount of The World — According to all reliable reports, the Astrodome’s Astrosale had more treasures than the stuff you’d find at a Clampett yard sale. More than 4,000 people showed up Saturday to take a piece of history, and a literal piece of the building, home with them. Everything from bits of turf to turnstiles were available for purchase, including a “locker autographed by beloved Houston Oilers running back Earl Campbell” and a “sideline bench Campbell autographed.” For Campbell, the experience seems to have been a bit like going to the pawn shop; not only did he have stuff to sell, but he himself bought an old Oilers sign for $3,300. On Tuesday, Houstonians vote on whether they want to turn the Astrodome into a more conventional swap-meet area.

Deal Molded — It’s the most interesting story about mold and insurance salesmen you’ll read all day. The Dallas Morning News reports that the state and Farmers Insurance are close to settling a decade-long dispute involving $117.5 million. “The deal would end a long-running fight over whether customers paid too much as mold claims exploded across Texas, prompting huge rate increases and an overhaul of the Texas insurance market,” according to the DMN. “A deal has been twice delayed, including by a California suit along similar lines.” Farmers won’t accept any blame, but it will pay back the cool $117 mil through “refunds and credits,” almost giving credence to Farmers’ motto, “gets you back where you belong.”

Luck Be An AD, Tooonight — In the News Surprising To Very Few section, Oliver Luck has begun interviewing to be UT’s athletic director. “A decision could happen this week but is more likely to occur after Texas’ football game at West Virginia on Saturday if Luck is indeed the pick,” according to the DMN. The piece also says that Arkansas AD Jeff Long is on the three-man shortlist, “unless something dramatically changes.” Something did change, execpt it wasn’t all that dramatic. Mostly, it was just the Twitter-friendly AD saying, on Twitter, that he’s staying with the Hogs.

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