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The UT Grad Protesting Campus Carry With Sex Toys Is Getting Death Threats

Guns: Legal to carry on campus. Sex toys: Not so much.

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Flickr Creative Commons/Katie Labor

Campus carry, the controversial law passed in the last Texas legislative session, has attracted its share of detractors: Perhaps most headline-worthy, economics professor emeritus Daniel Hamermesh announced that when the law goes into effect next fall, he plans to resign his position rather than teach students who may be armed. He may not be alone, either. UT Russian history professor Joan Neuberger has led a fight against the law’s implementation, and other professors at other Texas universities have expressed similar sentiments and concerns. But where the professors are putting their jobs on the line, students—led by recent UT grad Jessica Jin—are putting something else out there: Namely, big ol’ dildos.

Yup. Jin—who dubbed her protest #CocksNotGlocks—became a viral Internet sensation for highlighting the fact that guns will be legal on Texas campuses, but sex toys are not. Speaking to the Houston Chronicle, Jin explained her interest in bringing that disparity to light. “When I discovered that it is indeed against UT policy to wave dildos around campus, I just couldn’t help myself,” she told the paper. (Texas law and the UT rules both ban obscene content in public.)

There’s something inherently funny about the juxtaposition of guns and sex toys, which is probably why more than 5,000 people have thus far signed up to walk around campus brandishing a dildo on August 24, 2016, when campus carry will be in effect at the university. But, of course, not everybody thinks this is funny. Jin told the Chronicle that, mixed in with the support, there have been more than a few death threats.

“It has been absolutely fascinating that some folks seemingly feel threatened or angered at the thought of people carrying dildos around with them. They’re incredibly offended! So much outrage! They’re calling for my head,” she told the paper. “People want me dead for a dildo.”

People on the Internet threaten all sorts of things, obviously, and most of them can’t be taken seriously. (Although recent events in Oregon should serve as a warning not to ignore all online threats of violence.) It’s harder to be dismissive of threats issued by people who are mad specifically because you’re mocking their guns, though.

Weirdly, this isn’t the first time that people on the gun-control side of the debate have invoked sex toys in making their point. An ad last year from gun control group Evolve centered gun safety for children on the idea that, “If they find it, they’ll play with it.”

It’s admittedly pretty strange that guns and dildos are apparently such natural bedfellows, but it’s definitely a fascinating exercise in cultural button-pushing. At the very least, come next August, it’ll certainly make for a sight to see on the UT campus.

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  • dave in texas

    I don’t know that it’s all that strange to find dildos and guns as natural bedfellows. Both can be used as a penis substitute and both arouse (hurrhurrhurr) intense passion among those opposed to them.

    • Jed

      i was about to type the exact same thing. not only not strange, but i am betting it was intentional.

  • enp1955

    I would think that the gun lobby would love this protest. After all, they keep pointing out that the gun is just a thing, it is the person that uses it that bears the responsibility for what happens. The exact same thing can be said about dildos, can it not?

  • Lewis Bishop

    I’m for guns because of what guns are for. These d___o protesters are against guns for what guns are not for. These gun protesters do not consider history, and they do not see the future realistically. I challenge gun protesters to meditate on what would happen if a genie came out of a bottle and granted a wish, and “poof” all small firearms and ammunition evaporated from the face of Planet Earth.

    • Angelika Osbon

      it’s laughable that you won’t even use the proper word for the instrument of pleasure, but you’re apparently quite happy to hold an instrument of death.

    • DavidD

      This is my rifle
      This is my gun
      One is for fighting
      The other for fun

      • Frank Schiffel

        The gun nuts are confused…..

        • DavidD

          Among other things, I’m an old make love not war kinda guy. Can’t do either one much anymore because of age and physical condition but my inclinations have always been way more to the former rather than the later.

    • robert

      A whole lot fewer people would die.

  • Mary Michael

    Open carry a lethal weapon? I’ve had a gun to my head and was terrified. Dildos don’t scare me at all!

    • kenneth epps

      I don’t know, I’ve seen some out there that were disturbing. Not in an existential threat kind of way, just a WTH??? kind of way.