How do we feel about dipping pizza in ranch dressing? Is it delicious—or an abomination? 

Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso has weighed in firmly on the “abomination” side of things, and a photo from inside the restaurant shows bottle of Hidden Valley ranch next to a sign that reads, “Side of Delicious Ranch Dressing: $1,000.” The bottle has been there for a while, according to an interview that owner Jay Jerrier did with, but only gained traction after Reddit user “Brostache” posted it to the popular online community.

Of course, as Jerrier explained to Eater, people should probably take his policy of overcharging for ranch dressing with a grain of salt:

Reddit recently caught wind of your $1,000 side of ranch, and commenters over there went nuts. There was something like 400 comments in three hours.
It never got much traction until Reddit picked up on it. The guy’s username who posted it was “brostash”! That’s awesome. Sup, brostash? Every now and again somebody local would post something about it, but brostash really put us on the map.

The Reddit thread got pretty heated. It seemed like some of them were trying to paint you as the “Pizza Nazi.”
Everybody [on Reddit] seems to assume we’re the worst people in the world, like how dare they tell me how to eat my pizza! Dude, it’s a joke. Relax.

As pizza jokes go, it’s a pretty good one. What kind of monster puts ranch dressing on pizza?