You might have a good dog, but Kaiser, the 3-year-old North Austin terrier, takes this week’s title for “best dog.” (Sorry, every other dog in Texas!) What did Kaiser do? He saved the lives of everyone in his apartment complex after a resident fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand on Tuesday: 

The occupants thought they put the fire out and put the cushion out on the balcony, but wind reignited the fire around 4:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Meanwhile a three-year-old terrier named Kaiser let his owner in another unit know something wasn’t right by barking and scratching at the front door.

“He was like tapping at my bed and he wouldn’t let me lay back down. So I got up and I opened the door and when I did, all I seen was flames everywhere,” Gidget Mercer said.

Mercer promptly alerted authorities to the dog’s findings, and firefighters and paramedics quickly arrived. Two people were injured in the blaze, but thanks to the awareness of Kaiser, that’s the extent of the injuries. Watch below for the full report from Austin’s KVUE. Somebody deserves an extra biscuit every night this week.