Every Texan with a driver’s license has probably encountered irritating delays along the I-35 corridor (sometimes twice a day, every day!), be it in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or randomly in Belton or something. And everyone who has ever driven I-35 is familiar with the mounting frustration that comes with being struck on a highway. Here are some healthy ways to deal with that: Calling a relative who misses you; air-drumming; running through your high school French vocabulary; rapping along to the new Nikki Minaj single; taking a moment to count your blessings, realizing that while your life is indeed slowly slipping away from you while you sit behind the wheel of a car in unmoving traffic, at least you’re not in jail or something; stretching your back; fantasizing about what Coach and Tami Taylor are up to in Philadelphia right now. 

Here’s an unhealthy way of dealing with it, courtesy of KXAN in Austin

That video up there was uploaded to Facebook by the motorcyclist who, using a helmet-mounted camera, captured his entire cruise through the stopped cars on I-35 in San Antonio at speeds police estimate at 100mph (though a commenter at KXAN’s site, using the length of the length of the highway lane lines, estimates it to be more like 40-50mph). Regardless of the exact speed, though, that’s a bold decision that may land the suspect, believed to be 26-year-old Albert Rodriguez, in legal trouble. Which is probably for the best—people caught in traffic are prone to seeking out various distractions to begin with, so expecting them to constantly check their mirrors for lightning-quick motorcycles appearing in the spaces between lanes is probably asking a bit much. Those lanes exist for a reason.