Most people who’ve spent time in an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema have a personal favorite “don’t talk” PSA, the chain’s now iconic reminder to patrons that if they talk or text in the theater, they’ll get the boot. The PSAs, which roll before every Drafthouse screening, combine celebrities, humor, and public shaming in the hopes that you’ll enjoy movies in silence. Through the years, they have become an integral part of the moviegoing experience from Houston to Austin, Dallas to Lubbock, and beyond.

But until now, there’s never been a systematic way to determine which PSA is actually the best. That’s something Texas Monthly aims to fix with our Alamo Drafthouse #DontTalk Bracket Challenge, in which 32 of the chain’s PSAs—sorted into four different categories (“current stars,” “staged skits,” “random warnings,” and “classic stars”)—go head-to-head in a tournament to determine once and for all if Ann Richards, Coach Taylor, or Peggy is the definitive face of the “Don’t Talk” message. We’ll advance one round every day next week—culminating in a final showdown over the weekend. Drafthouse cinephiles, get ready for a competition where talking and texting about the campaign is encouraged—so long as you don’t do it in a theater.

First round: Monday, August 31
Second round: Tuesday, September 1
Third round: Wednesday, September 2
Fourth round: Thursday, September 3
Final round: Friday, September 4 – Sunday, September 6