The mere fact that the guys from At The Drive-In/The Mars Volta call El Paso their hometown means that its place in the annals of Texas cities producing major indie rock talent is assured. But the bench of talent in the town runs deeper than the marquee stars: Avindale, a four-piece band that focuses more on ringing guitars, groove-oriented bass, and melancholy songwriting than the psychedelic abrasion of their West Texas forebears, is one of the rising stars in the Sun City. 

Below, we have the premiere of the video for “Azure,” the new single from Avindale. Fittingly, it finds the fellas bathed in blue light as they pour their hearts into a track that highlights both their restraint and their ability to create dynamic hooks. Avindale bear the influences of a certain brand of indie rock—”Azure” resembles a funkier Grizzly Bear, or a poppier Dirty Projectors—but they’ve come seemingly out of the blue to work a groove that’s all their own, all the same.

Photo courtesy of Avindale