Here’s the controversial question surrounding J.J. Watt: is he the best, or is he the very best? The most dominant defensive player in the NFL/rising celebrity pitchman/current Texas Monthly cover boy inspires such discussion around these parts. But when he does things like toss a football to a Texans fan on the 300 level of NRG Stadium, he nudges all us over to “very best” category.

Even better than Watt’s casual, gravity-defying toss up to a fan—who’s gotta be at least a hundred feet up (the ball landed right in his breadbasket, naturally)—is the fan’s response: rather than keeping an awesome souvenir from the time J.J. Watt tossed him a ball during warmups, he turns right back around and tosses the ball back to Watt (who catches it, of course, because why wouldn’t he?).

Watt’s ability to make impossible feats look easy is a big part of his charm. For more on the way that Watt has become a Texas icon, check out Skip Hollandsworth’s cover story from the September issue of Texas Monthly here.