Austin’s Intergalactic Nemesis stage show is an unlikely phenomenon: What started on the roof of the downtown Whole Foods’ parking garage in the late 90’s became a genuine sensation in recent years. The live-action radio drama/graphic novel—built around live performances of a 1940’s-style science fiction radio drama, with projections of panels from a related comic book behind the performers—began touring the country, running on Broadway, and making its creator, Jason Neulander, a guest on Conan O’Brien. 

Radio drama hasn’t exactly been a relevant form of mass entertainment in the past five or six decades, but Neulander’s made it work for The Intergalactic Nemesis—and after years of a stage show, he’s also partnered with Austin’s PBS affiliate, KLRU, to create a web series that captures the charm of the live show in a format that showcases all of what it does well: Live sound effects, live mood music, comic book panels, and men and women in their 40’s-era fashion best delivering the dialogue in front of vintage microphones. 

The first episode of The Intergalactic Nemesis is below—the following 16 chapters will be released every Monday until the middle of October.