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Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey

As our hearts break for Houston, the Gulf Coast, and other affected areas, here are ways to contribute.

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Andrew White helps a neighbor down a street after rescuing her from her home in the upscale River Oaks neighborhood after it was inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional options for donating your time or money.

If you’re in Houston, on the Gulf Coast, or in one of the places inland that’s experiencing massive flooding and other catastrophic impacts from Hurricane Harvey, you’re likely too busy to read this right now. But if you’re elsewhere in the state, you may have—like us—found yourself glued to the news coming out of affected areas. People are suffering. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know how long it’ll take before those places are safe again. We don’t know if they’ll ever return to normal. Because according to the National Weather Service, nobody alive has ever seen a storm like this in Texas.

But even if you are far from the devastation, there are ways to contribute. There are organizations that need support—now more than ever—that will ensure that people impacted by the storm have the resources they need to keep their lives functioning. Here’s a list of some of them, and what they’ll be doing to help:

To Help Kids

The Texas Diaper Bank, which is based out of San Antonio, is putting together relief kit for families with very small children who need access to clean diapers in the midst of flooding and evacuations. Diapers take up a lot of space in a delivery truck, which means that other relief organizations have to decide between bringing diapers or food to affected areas. The Texas Diaper Bank fills in that need.

The Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi weathered the storm well, never losing power. It’s accepting financial donations now, and if you live in the area and want to help, you can also donate blood. They serve a large area, and people from many affected parts of the coast are likely to need their services.

To Help Animals

We all saw the photo of the dog carrying the full bag of food around after the storm, right? Good boy, Otis. And there are a lot of pets who were uprooted by the storm. The SPCA of Texas is taking in hundreds of animals transferred from shelters on the coast who aren’t safe where they are right now. You can donate to the organization to help defray the costs—or you can open your home and foster a displaced animal until it can be reunited with its owner.

If you’re in Austin and want to work with a local org, Austin Pets Alive! is doing similar work, and has similar needs—cash, to keep operating, and volunteers to foster animals. They can also use certain pet supplies: large plastic or metal bins with lids to store food, leashes and collars, cat litter, large brooms, cat-specific beds, and liquid laundry soap. (The organization says they’re good on crates and pet food now, and don’t have much space to store them.)

To Help People With Medical Needs

Even as relief organizations work to help large numbers of people, it’s difficult sometimes for them to provide for people with special needs. Portlight, which has provided inclusive relief to people with disabilities for twenty years—including in Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy—is working to ensure that people who require medical equipment and assistive technology have what they need after they evacuate, and to make sure that those same folks are able to get to safety. They accept donations via PayPal.

Direct Relief USA offers prescription drugs and other medical supplies to those who need it in emergency situations, and works with clinics and primary care doctors to ensure that people are able to get what they need when they need it. They’re accepting financial contributions.

To Provide Food

Here’s a list of food banks in both affected areas and in places where those affected are likely to spend some time in the immediate aftermath of the storm (via the Houston Press):

Houston Food Bank

Galveston Food Bank

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent (Victoria)
Closed Friday

Corpus Christi Food Bank

Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr)

Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan)

Central Texas Food Bank (Austin)

San Antonio Food Bank

To Help The Homeless

The Houston Coalition for the Homeless is facilitating shelter for homeless people in Houston, including offering up-to-date information about which shelters currently have space, who’s the best fit for each one, and how to get there safely. They’re accepting financial donations to continue their work.

To Help Farmers

There’ve been a lot of dramatic photos of cattle and other livestock being rescued in the storm, but there’ll be a lot of recovering to do for many of them. The Texas Department of Agriculture’s STAR Fund is a resource made up entirely of private donations that go to farmers and ranchers affected by the storm.

To Help Those Displaced

If you’re not in one of the affected areas and you have a spare room, you can host someone by listing your home on Airbnb for free, with no service fees to anyone. Right now, most of the listings are in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. If you’re in any of those cities—or another part of the state that’s not experiencing flooding—you might consider listing your space so displaced people have more options.

In Dallas, Trusted World is operating three shelters for evacuees. They need donations, supplies (clean clothing, non-perishable food, toiletries, diapers, and baby formula), and volunteers to help sort out the things that people have dropped off.

Global Giving is trying to raise $2 million to help those affected by the storm. As of this writing, they’ve raised $43,000, but the campaign had just launched. The organization provides food, gas, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter in the short-term, and then funnels the remaining resources to local organizations to facilitate long-term recovery.

HEB doesn’t accept donations, but it’s worth being aware that the supermarket chain provides emergency response services, mobile kitchens, and disaster-response units to affected areas. (They also announced on Sunday that they’d be collecting donations at the register for the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and Feeding Texas.) That’s especially important as a number of stores in affected areas (including the entire Houston area) are closed. You can learn more about which stores are closed—and which ones have reopened—here.

To Help In Port Arthur And Beaumont

After the storm moved on from Rockport and Houston areas, it re-emerged on Wednesday night and did a tremendous amount of damage in Southeast Texas, including communities like Beaumont and Port Arthur. The Southeast Texas Food Bank will be helping people in those parts of the state with meals during the immediate recovery process.

(Thanks to Jia Tolentino, Andrea Grimes, and the Houston Press for suggestions on where you can help.)

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  • Eleesha Blackwell

    You can also donate to Montgomery County Food Bank (Conroe), mcfoodbank.org, 936-539-6686.

    • need to keep their lives functioning. Here’s a list of some of them, and what they’ll be doing to help:

  • Ebolavirus

    here some really good help, advice, stop building, buying, and living in flood prone or flood plains. you are not a victim if you (knowingly) bought, built, or inherited property where you know it will flood you are a burden on everyone else that uses their brains.

    • Andy W

      What a disgusting comment

      • Martha Macy

        But true. Nothing should have been built there. But the blame belongs with the city, state and greedy developers not the home buyers. They were defrauded to begin with and should probably file a class action law suit.

        • Ebolavirus

          i’ll bet not one of these commenters ever went and looked at a elevation map, more than 3/4 of houston is at less than 30 feet above sea level which makes it flood prone, it is everyone’s fault, true the land should never have been developed or allowed to be but it was and people bought it.

    • peteywheats


    • MadameAlto .

      Blame the victim, right. Our cottage was wiped out in the Wimberley flood. Current flood planes put our place as one inch of a patio corner, as being covered by one inch of water in a 500 year flood. Well, we took on four FEET of water. These people are well out of known flood planes but something this unique and catastrophic has wiped them out. I hope you don’t call yourself Christian or even decent because you’re not. You are working against Christ’s teachings. You are a smug bully, picking on people who are already hurting. You should be ashamed.

      • Ebolavirus

        i didn’t blame victims, i blamed the people that intentionally put themselves in harms way.

    • Lindsey Harpole

      Wow I guess you have never experienced any kind of death, heartbreak or tragedy in your life, or ever asked and needed any type of assistance for anything. You must not be from Texas either. Its called kindness for others

      • Martha Macy

        If Texas is so kind why did it defraud all those home owners by selling them flood prone property. THAT’S ILLEGAL in most states!

      • Ebolavirus

        i lived and owned a house in cypress and copperfield in houston which are 85 feet above sea level and not in a flood prone area, you are not a victim if you put yourself in harms way.

        • SailorSnooks

          …and yet Cypress and Copperfield are flooding. Hmmmm

          • Ebolavirus

            not at my house.

          • SailorSnooks

            Oh good! YOUR house is not flooding! I guess I can just tell my son and friends who live in the area that they don’t really have water literally at their doorstep, because Ebolavirus is fine. Thanks for letting them all know! I’m sure they’ll all be very relieved.

          • Ebolavirus

            water is not in my house, and apparently not in theirs either according to your statement, water is 2-3 feet from coming in my house, and has gone down, street flooding is nothing and common.

    • Deborah Wark

      Many people live in a house that was not in a flood plain but due to surrounding development it has become that way. This is an 800 year event. Houses that are not in a flood plain are being flooded.
      As we go into the future we are likely to see more of this due to environmental degradation. We will have to look at the big picture. It will be less than useless to but the blame on people in the path of a catastrophic event such as this and claim they simply must move out of a flood plain.

      • Sara May

        Thank you for a rational response to an irrational comment!

      • Ebolavirus

        recorded weather events in the U.S. started in 1914, texas didn’t start participating and reporting weather events until 1948, thus making your claim of an 800 year event inaccurate, at best its a 69 year event, all you have to do is look at a flood plains map and an elevation map to determine flood prone areas which is almost 80% of houston and all costal areas

        • SailorSnooks

          Are you really this stupid? You don’t know what an 800 year event is, yet you’re leaving your word vomit all over. A lot of the areas flooding are NOT in flood zones.

          • Ebolavirus

            if they are flooding, technically they are in a flood prone area, take dickinson for example, built right on the edge of a bayou, the bayou is 21 feet above sea level, the highest point in the city is 30 ft above sea level that leaves 9 feet of above average rainfall to make it a flood zone, now add 10ft storm surge this scenario = -1 foot, you are in a flood zone,this scenario goes for about 80% of the entire area, when something big comes along, they made themselves victims. please use your brain a little before you respond, i know its hard, but you can do it.

          • SailorSnooks

            Sounds great – nobody ever live anywhere that there could ever be a chance of flooding. Perfect solution! I use my brain all the time, thanks for asking. You could try not being heartless, condescending, and mean spirited – I know it’s hard, but you can do it. Also, engage your brain slightly more so you can refrain from saying stupid things like “…at best its [sic] a 69 year event” when people are clearly talking about recurrence intervals. Hey, while you’re up there on your high [dry-for-now] horse, make sure you find some puppies to kick and orphans to call ugly. Hey, I bet you and Martha Macy are a riot at funerals. “Well, if he just hadn’t been stupid enough to go to work on Tuesday, he never would have been hit by that bus when he crossed the road. Everyone knows more people are killed by buses on Tuesday mornings.”

          • Ebolavirus

            what a poor analogy, smart people look before crossing the street, just as smart home buyers look to see if they live in an area that has potential to flood, keep proving my point. LOL

          • SailorSnooks

            Hey, thanks for brilliantly illustrating mine. I seriously couldn’t have done it better. Well done, sir.

          • Ebolavirus

            show me your 800 year recorded statistics to back your claim of an 800 year flood, btw its now a 1000 year flood according to the mayor, facts are key not some stuff pulled out of someones butt, statistically its a 69 year event backed by science, science, heck yeah!!! and wasn’t being mean was being factual and truthful, but people like you don’t want to hear or believe reality when it’s backed by facts, stupid is as stupid does or in this case as stupid thinks.

          • SailorSnooks

            OMG Science! I never knew about the Scienceing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_period (I used the Wikipedia, so you can comprehend the smaller words)
            jes looky here at all them nummers. i wunner if its that science stuffs i hurd about oncet
            Hey, if it makes you feel better to say “oh, it’s not mean if I’m just being factual”…then you’re still an asshole.
            People like me make their living using facts, and science, and big brains. Yet, somehow, I manage to navigate the world usually without being a heartless slimebag.

          • Ebolavirus

            lol name calling, your true unintelligence is coming forth now, couldn’t even provide a full link for semi facts from wikipedia (which can be edited by anyone). keep showing everyone how unintelligent you are please, it’s very entertaining.

          • SailorSnooks

            Hey chuckles, Disqus truncated the link, which is still clickable. Of course, you’d know that if you were smart enough to click it. Which you clearly are not, judging by the content of your reply. Highly entertaining.

        • SubTropicalHi

          San Antonio has been keeping records since 1978.

    • José

      You forgot to mention that people should stop choosing to be poor. Obviously.

      • John Michael Hutton

        Were you born an idiot or did you have to work at it?

        • David S Ferrara

          Is your sarcasm detector going bad?

    • Chris Gir

      We are victims of your parents who conceived such an uncaring person. The day we send idiots into orbit, you will be circling for a very long time.

    • Barbara Kronschnabel

      Ebolavirus, you are a sorry excuse for a human being! You are free to refrain from sending aid to those you deem somehow less intelligent than yourself. This is a free country, after all. Just please do the majority of humanity a favor and keep your heartless comments to yourself.

    • pamkonopka

      Not helpful. Anywhere that gets that much rain can flood. We live on top of a mountain and got flooded from TS Lee. No flood plain, no previous flooding. 11″ of rain quickly overwhelmed drainage. Your comment is very mean and just plain creepy.

      • Ebolavirus

        that’s true, but if you knowingly build where it can flood and has ,when your in an area that’s less than 30ft above sea level (80% of houston) in a known hurricane area you are not a victim you are an idiot. 1 in 6 have flood insurance the rest will come from you me and everyone else , and my comment was never mean, just truthful and factual.

    • Laura Brennan, an alias


    • Susan M Marsh

      Ebolavirus is a good nick-name for you. I hope it carries you away on a big wave of pain and anguish!

    • Josh van Hulst

      It’s hard to know where to live or be safe. A disaster can occur anywhere you live.

      • Ebolavirus

        true but alot of this could have been avoided with 20 minutes of basic research

    • Peltonmj

      Many of these places and neighborhoods have never flooded before.

    • A Goldman

      You are a disgusting person!

    • Rose Swailes

      You are truly a mean person…Do you live in a hole in the ground because if you live in a home…ANYWHERE CAN FLOOD MORON…You stupid hateful person…I surely hope you do not have to go through something like this and if you, you will eat your words. Prayers for all in the path.

      • Ebolavirus

        ohhh the hateful irony, bet she don’t see it, wasn’t being mean in any way……

    • David S Ferrara

      Uh, all the major cities in Texas are involved, you brain-stem

    • Robyn Bulen

      Ebolarvirus Your an Idiot..

    • Martha Macy

      Blame the city for that! They allowed and permitted those homes.

    • gabster73

      Seriously?!?!?!?! They have already said that it’s the worst anyone alive has ever seen. You comment actually would apply to anyone who lives in an area that has that potential. Just have to have the right amount at the right time and if the right amount in a short period of time.

      • Ebolavirus

        “They have already said” that’s hearsay not documented fact, please comment with facts that can be verified, please don’t be another one of these name calling unintelligent responders, or do, i don’t care either way (they are quite entertaining) if you want to make yourself look like a moron. (note i said “look like”, didn’t imply that you are)

    • Brenda Day

      You’re an ass

    • Kathleen Flacy

      And people living in earthquake prone areas should move, and tornado alley should be cleared out, and people up north should move south before the next heavy snow and freeze kills power- but do not move to any place that has earthquakes or tornados or hurricanes. What part of the country are you in, Ebola? We’ll send the refugees there.

    • Carla Carpenter

      30 inches of rain in the desert would flood a home. This flooding is due to a storm, not an ocean or river.

    • Deborah Tolley Shatto

      10 TRILLION gallons of water will make ANYONES neighborhood a floodzone! This is widespread, not just along the coast. If you don’t want to help, DON’T! Fortunately, you are the minority. Right now, there is a crisis, and we need to help, not point fingers or judge…

    • Lucy Mauterer

      You are part of the problem sunshine.

    • ADG

      Most of the affected areas were not identified as “flood plains”.

      • Ebolavirus

        you obviously didnt read and understand the whole comment, flood prone is also in the comment, which is 80% of houston and all coastal areas.

  • Nancy Kennedy

    Also taking donations is Mercy Chefs, which is onsite providing prepared meals for victims and first responders from their mobile kitchens. https://mercychefs.com/

  • Teresa Koehlar

    To donate, text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief

  • Bronius Motekaitis

    Here’s a website in the works https://harveyrefugee.com/ that a coworker at http://praxent.com put together to try to list these lists of shelters and other helpful links. He hopes to keep it up to date if it proves helpful.

  • Teresa Koehlar

    Please help the animals, donate dog and cat food to SPCA working to help the animal shelters in the area

    • pamkonopka

      Done. And the American Red Cross. The emotional impacts on human and animals is difficult. Please help any way you can. Beware of scams. Donate wisely. TY

      • tbarton1029

        Thank you pamkonopka. I was really surprised they didn’t mention the Red Cross. But then again, maybe not… we got a bad rap and it hasn’t let up. I’m just a volunteer, but I believe in what we do and I believe our clients do too. Also CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) teams are helping as well.

  • Karen Yoho

    Donate online to The Salvation Army helpsalvationarmy.org, or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY. To receive a donation link via text: Text STORM to 51555

  • Geringswald1

    It breaks my heart to see those pictures, especially the ones involving children and pets. My prayers go out to them all.

    • Pollgera

      Prayers do NOTHING! Send money, offer to help somehow.”Prayers are literally the very LEAST you can do.

      • Bev Johnson Qualheim

        I would like to peacefully disagree with that. I know that prayers do work in many different ways, people are inspired by our Heavenly Father to do things they otherwise would not do. Many people don’t have extra money to send or to help; but their prayers are definitely heard and answered. I do agree though, that IF you have money, any amount, even small, will collectively help immensely right now.

        • Pollgera

          No. Flat out no! Despite what you seem to ‘believe’ NO! Get off your chair and DO SOMETHING! I have actually gotten to the point of loathing all the ‘thoughts and prayers’ people. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ce1b41949414d4f031dd348241d9e479a52e4315e44340b9239cadbe0fb1271.jpg

          • Bev Johnson Qualheim

            Do you really think that people who know that prayer does work, stand by and do nothing else? I’m sorry you feel that way, or know people who are that despicable. 🙁

          • Lori Lee

            Prayers and doing something more tangible–like sending money or blankets–are NOT mutually exclusive. I have done both. Only one with a healed soul can take direct action–try prayer, it works wonderfully.

          • Catherine Thomas

            How about doing something AND donating time or money to desired charity? Time and effort are better spent on prayer/positive thoughts and good will giving – (both in-person AND finanially). Give what’s needed right now, which does NOT include grumbling online or otherwise. Positive attracts positive…please keep negative to oneself.

          • Pollgera

            I work my ass off helping lady, and it does NOT include self-serving ‘thoughts and prayers’. As from grumbling — stop with the uselessness, and I’ll stop pointing out it’s useless.

        • LordOfTheSun

          I agree. I prayed deeply and Jesus Christ healed my jaw from TMD/TMJ. My jaw would pop and lock for 2 years, and usually this would require surgery, or massage therapy. My jaw no longer pops or locks since I prayed. 😀 Jesus is real 😀 Praise God!

          • Pollgera

            LOLOLOLOL oh I can’t take any more of this stupidity.

      • Tracy Lynn

        BOTH prayers and HANDS ON help are needed. Plz don’t disregard prayers.

        • Pollgera

          Watch me! Instead I actively help.

          • Tracy Lynn

            I did donate money though. My point was both are good.

          • Bev Johnson Qualheim

            That was my point also. Both help immensely. The Lord most often uses people to answer others prayers, and if you have money, donate.

  • Melissa Osborn

    http://www.rfgoodsam.com is the Food Bank for Rockport and Aransas County. They also help with meds, baby items, clothing, rent, ANYTHING the people need. All volunteer run so 100% of the money goes to help.

  • Paula Murphy

    Donations specifically for Harvey relief can be made to Houston Food Bank at http://hfb.convio.net/harvey

  • huntercous

    Adding if these non profits have dedicated 501C3 would be beneficial.

  • Sara May

    I donated to International Relief Teams, a highly respected charitable organization with low administrative costs (a la Charity Navigator) that is also providing relief to Texans affected by the recent flooding.

    • Bettydsalas

      Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
      On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

      • J.r. Blatt

        Get off this site, you are NOT HELPING THIS DISASTROUS SITUATION, so go away with your “sales pitch” please …

  • tbarton1029

    Thank you Dan for your collection of resources that I will be using as i respond to victims in need of assistance.

  • Estela Cervantes

    Please everyone repost and spread the word .

  • Flobow Trust

    Is there a Salvation Army in these parts? I trust them to use their resources wisely!

    • Karen Ann Kimbrough

      The Salvation Army won’t help anyone who they think is GLBTQ.

      • HMTraveling
      • MeMe


      • Jason Lavender

        Karen not true at all. Take a read at HMTraveling post. It’s worth a look if you have been misinformed. Austin has one of the largest GLBTQ communities in the world. Also has some of the top Salvation Army locations in the country!

        • Ngaire Forster

          Maybe you should read what the CEO makes at the Salvation Army. I was absolutely disgusted

          • Bettydsalas

            Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
            On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

          • ChrisN57

            You think that disgusting then you don’t want to see what the CEO of the American Red Cross makes.

          • BC
          • Dontoe

            This relief organization has low administrative and expense costs(4% of revenue) Check it out! https://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/all-disaster-units-to-texas-hurricane-harvey/ 5 units scheduled to Texas, 1 is in Rockport and Victoria and 3 are in or on the way to Houston,

          • Sue Justice

            The CEO of the Salvation Army makes $35,000 per year and is given a home to live while he is CEO. After which he leaves and must provide for himself and his family on his own.I think you’re mistaken and are confused with the CEO of Goodwill whose annual salary is disgusting!

            “According to the AFL-CIO, Chief Executives at some of the largest companies earned an average of $12.9 million in total pay in 2012, 380 times more than a typical American worker. Goodwill International CEO, Jim Gibbons, made $729,000 in salary and deferred compensation.Dec 27, 2016.”

          • BC

            And of course those AFL-CIO Labor Union heads make a pretty hefty salary themselves.

          • Donald Baker

            The CEO of the Red Cross makes about 300,000 per year. Ever wonder where your donations go?

          • Global Giving is trying to raise $2 million to help those affected by the storm. As of this writing, they’ve raised $43,000, but the campaign had just launched. The organization provides food, gas, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter in the short-term, and then funnels the remaining resources to local organizations to facilitate long-term recovery.

        • ChrisN57

          Jason thanks for your post, I find it hard to believe that the Salvation Army would turn anyone away. As a long time member of the Knights of Columbus we have worked with the Salvation Army for years in Abilene, and never did I ever hear just BS.

          • Jason Lavender

            I very much agree @ChrisN57. That was my point in the post. Great organization

          • The CEO of the Red Cross makes about 300,000 per year. Ever wonder where your donations go?

        • That’s especially important as a number of stores in affected areas (including the entire Houston area) are closed. You can learn more about which stores are closed—and which ones have reopened

      • loiswinters

        The Salvation Army is the only charity I will donate anything to.

      • Mo

        @ Karen Ann Kimbrough

        Provide evidence for this accusation.

      • merrychicago
      • Chris Chambers

        Yes they will, liberal.

      • Lucy Mauterer

        That’s bullshit. Salvation Army helps anyone in need. No judgement.

        • Eivind Drivdal

          They *do* help anyone in need. But it’s not true that they offer “no judgement”.

        • Catherine Heath Wesenberg

          Here in California salvation Army takes The foster kids to summer camp for a week. Churches provide the staff & salvation Army provides the resources. Other camps cost 450 to 500 for the week.

          • Jason Lavender


      • Sandra Lee

        I would not donate to Red Cross and or Salvation Army. I livec through hurricane Sandy and where did all the $ go??

        • Esther Feinerman

          Red Cross was the 1st organization there for those of us wiped out by Hurricane Agnes in PA in 1972. So they always get my donation for any similar disaster in the U.S. But, please donate to your favorite!

          • Tejanarusa

            Trouble is, they are very different from what they were in 1972.

          • FedUp2

            RC has some of the highest overhead and salaries of any charitable organization. They rate pretty low on efficiency and cost effective help.

          • Tom Johnson

            I agree regarding high overhead and salaries. And I also remember the debacle in Haiti when my spouse and I donated to the RC for relief there. Little did we know that little to nothing was accomplished there. I will donate to JJ Watt’s relief effort fund for Texas. No absurd overhead there!

          • FedUp2

            Your contributions to Haiti padded the Clinton Foundation. They protested in front of their office but of course, that never made the nightly news.

      • Leslie Claire

        It’s been shown in example after example for years that the Salvation Army discriminates against the LGBT. You can do a Google search as well as I can, so go and see for yourself. I won’t give them money.

        • jeremy_hh

          Claire – Please post up “example after example”. Shouldn’t take long to find. We’ll wait.

        • Shirley Golson Tucker

          Ok. Then where do u suggest we do contribute?

        • Jason Lavender

          If its on google it must be true. Please google “computer operating systems take over the world” and you may never use an electronic device again. More opinions on the internet than Untruths

      • jeremy_hh

        Kimbrough – That is an out and out lie. Post evidence or retract your comment….
        NOW would be good. If not, you’re no better than a Russian Trumpbot.

      • SkiBum

        You’re a moronic liar.

      • Carla Todaro

        Karen i am with you. A New York City substance abuse center is the latest Salvation Army facility to be exposed as discriminating against the community after a sting operation by the NYC Commission on Human Rights. The facility has been charged with “gender identity discrimination for refusing to accept transgender patients and for discriminatory housing policies, including assigning rooms based on a patient’s gender assigned at birth rather than their gender identity, subjecting patients to physical examinations, and forcing transgender patients into separate rooms,” according to a press release from the city.

        • marsham618

          I have to say that their long time policy of housing men and women separately would create a challenge. for transgender persons. I do not think they intend to “discriminate”, but truly what are they supposed to do to ensure safety for the other residents? I know they do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, but most of us who are not transgender seriously don’t know how to handle this in cohabitation situations, this goes far beyond just using the bathroom. Who can police if someone really is transgender or if they want to be in a cohabitation situation for nefarious reasons? You cannot take everyone “at their word”.

      • marsham618

        I seriously do not believe this. The Salvation Army has always helped everyone no matter what and are the least judgmental. Red Cross is big business and corporate heads make exorbitant salaries. Here is a place to research charities. http://give.org/

        • FedUp2

          Exactly, RC is a rip off in the area of charitable orgs. Salaries are some of the highest for charitable orgs and the money seems to just disappear. Not well organized to go where it needs to go.

      • karilynn57


      • Henry Berghuys

        thats NOT true, you are spreading false rumors, thats shameful

      • NiceCLady

        Salvation Army helps anyone and everyone.

      • ChrisN57

        Is that rumor or fact?

      • conservativesal

        That is patently untrue. YOu need to get a life….and get informed.

      • Ladiebug77

        That is a flat lie.

      • Donald Baker

        Absolutely not true.

    • NCSpacy

      Yes. That is who I donated to…

  • Where are the hotel vouchers for people who have no place to go and their homes are destroyed?

    • tbarton1029

      Is there a shelter near you? That is where all those things will be handled after a disaster of this magnitude.

  • Jan Speakman

    Red Cross doesn’t get a mention

    • mamacita

      It’s not a great charity. Others are better in the short-, medium-, and long-term. Checking Charity Navigator is a good way to decide where to give.

  • Victor Hogue

    On a practical standpoint….
    Did the City Manager ever make sure all drainage ditch, canals etc…were always clear….from left over debris….from previous storms. Preventative maintenance on these areas have to be implemented and validated by responsible Supervisors that in fact they are free and clear. This way they do not fill do quick. Secondly….City Engineers should have asked for a budget to re-Engineer an upgrade to existing pathways for excess water…no matter the Volume unexpected.
    Now..after the fact….they will probably begin…..Spend the money where its needed.

  • BuffCrone

    My niece in Houston suggest the Greater Houston Community Foundation, which has created a special fund for flood relief. Please SHARE: https://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/

  • Cindy Baccus

    Let us all pray for those who have been affected by this terrible storm. The communities need to rally together with Love, support, and help NOT nastiness or rude comments.
    This is an excellent article and was put together to help as many people as possible. Great Article!!!!!

  • Amanda Gillen

    my name is Amanda Gillen and I’m all the way in ohio. my heart goes out to all the people and animals in that mess. I don’t have any money but I do have diapers food, baby food, cat food dog food, and exc. I would like to know how I could get it to them without money involved.. I still have kids and animals I have to take care of so it wouldn’t be much. I also have baby blankets and I’m willing to try anything

    • mamacita

      Maybe find one of the open shelters and mail a package there? Thank you for your generosity <3

    • dba_ vagabond_trader

      Contact your local newspaper or radio station. They might know of local people who are filling trucks with supplies to drive down to Texas.

    • Melissa

      Church groups are taking donations and sending trucks here, maybe there too?

  • Annette Porter

    Beware of the red cross. Our community suffered flooding and great loss after hurricane Matthew last year. People came from all over the country and brought food and clothing. The red cross showed up, took over the shelters and threw away all of the donations

    • yllas

      I know it looked bad, but think: where would they sort out and store all that clothing? Store food safely (unless it was in cans) – who knows how safe donated food is? How to distribute all that? Just put stuff in a pile and open the doors and say, ‘go for it, everyone, grab what you can’. It would be chaos and dangerous just hand out a ton of mysterious ‘stuff’ to people. What if someone got food poisoning from some mysterious sandwiches? What if the clothing has bed bugs? And what do they do with the leftover stuff? Where would they store it? It would be overwhelming….(a lot of people who donate use a disaster as an excuse to clean out the junk from their closets.) I know people want to help, but the RC issues vouchers for people to buy what they need in the area.

      • ADG

        There is a lot of misguided “help”. Before rushing in, people really need to check what the realistic needs are for material things and if they can be stored and distributed.

  • kmkprophet

    Can this be copied to a Facebook Group?

  • Shirley R

    As I was scrolling through the comments, it was sad to see that it has ended up a call out for people against people. The point is we need to help each other, not put each other down. I am in Alabama, live about 4 miles from the bay and we flooded during Katrina. Top that off with the fact that our house is on a hill.

  • Nancy Hardin Scott

    How do I go about taking care of a pet??

  • I wish there was a way to do something more hands on. I’d happily drive from Virginia to help out, but having been through Katrina myself I wouldn’t come to the area unless there was a need for me so as not to get in the way of people already doing the heavy lifting. It’s hard to sit back and watch from a distance.

  • Steven Edouard

    Hi! My friend and I made a website, mineforhouston.com where you can donate your computer time to raise funds for the American Red Cross. Just download a small program that will run on your computer and use your excess computing power to mine for crypto-coins. We’ve already raised $500 so far!

  • Bill wilhelm

    UMCOR—United Methodist Committee on Relief. 100% of donations go directly to where relief is needed. There are zero transportation or administrative costs.

  • Bob Goodwin

    Don’t forget The Salvation Army.

  • Christopher Spears

    If you have a computer, you can use it to raise money for relief efforts here: https://mineforhouston.com/
    All money will be donated to the Red Cross

  • Sharon Lynn

    http://www.lionsclubs.org 100% of your donations go directly to aid those in need. OUR dues go towards administration costs. NO PUBLIC money is used to support our administration costs.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ll be getting this out on social media. I appreciate the suggestions of local charities. I don’t want to donate to national “mega-charities.” I want my small donations to go directly to those who need them. Thank you.

  • Esther Feinerman

    PLEASE STOP THE NOISE! Just make a donation to your favorite charity and put your useless debating energy into helping the relief effort!!

  • eksmt

    It’d be helpful to mention what the food banks need: money, what types of food, so we don’t all drop off 30,000 cans of black beans.

  • Blind Willy

    Whatever you do, do NOT donate to Joel Osteen’s “charity”!

  • Blind Willy
  • Johanna Alley

    Stop fighting over who does what with or without judgment! Just pick a place and make a donation.

  • Tia Schmotzer

    Does anyone know where we can send gently used onesies?! Please let me know (via email or respond)

  • Sarah Crumb

    Where can one donate to immigrant communities?

  • Greg Moser

    Service, volunteer and faith-based organizations are essential partners in our national response. These organizations depend on donations volunteers. They are organized under the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) that works with state and local counterparts. NVOAD has set up a site https://www.nvoad.org/hurricane-harvey/hurricane-harvey-how-to-help/ to help you connect with organizations that need our support to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

  • Tejanarusa

    Don’t forget San Antonio Pets Alive, which has already been to the coast to rescue dogs and cats. sanantoniopetsalive.org

  • luxuria

    Any links to help hospice patients specifically?

  • Boothby171

    Have you had a chance yet to “vet” any of these charities to make sure that a major percentage of contributions actually goes to helping the victims of Harvey, and NOT line the pockets of the people running these organizations?

    In other words: are they truly effective and efficient?

  • Jeanne1945

    Excellent. Thank you for this information.

  • marsham618

    If you wish to research a charity before donating, here is a good site: http://give.org/

  • Bettydsalas

    Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
    On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

  • 2Sour4This

    Whatever justification you need, thousands of good people in Texas (and Louisiana) are about to go through hell. Just help them any way you can. Your motive is your motive. No need to explain or justify it. If you don’t trust a charitable organization, go find another one. Do something.

  • Mindy Kurlander Bonnet

    Its really sad to see all of you arguing, when peoples lives have been torn apart and devastated! Get back to the subject of helping!!! REALLY!!

  • Dontoe

    Wonder who President Trump will choose for his personnel $1,000,000 donation??

  • Carol Banks

    Also, consider Samaritans Purse.

  • Deanne Rhinehart- Rapp
  • Julie

    I just started a blog, “Show me the flood money” My intention and hope is to share flood recovery information (I have learned through the years) with those who we’re recently flooded by Hurricane Harvey. It will cover everything from how to receive funding and aid – in some ways that are not always common knowledge (kind-a like the inside story). What to look for in a contractor after flooding (its not like the regular world) its important to use caution.
    For those interested here is a link: https://showmethefloodmoneycom.wordpress.com/2017/09/03/first-blog-post/
    or Facebook – Show me the flood money.

  • Melissa Rowell

    I would just recomend donating to the organization you feel most comfortable with. It will all be appreciated. Some people do not trust the red cross but my understanding is that they were here from the very beginning. And they have done alot. But thats all I can tell you. The Salvation Army has too. Sometimes an organization may suffer with a particular administration. But administrators change. I’m just saying. Thank you to anyone and everyone for supporting the flood survivors. Be it through prayers, thoughts, donations, rescues, shelter, or anything else. My home was not affected by the flood, but I am still thankful.

  • BUFFet

    Thank you for NOT publishing just the usual people. It really makes the situation more real.

  • Donald Baker

    A good place to send contributions is the Salvation Army, and you may specify the donation is for disaster relief. Do not send donations to the Red Cross, about 90% of every dollar given goes to their so called “administrative costs.”

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