If you were in Central or South Texas on Saturday night and looking up at the sky around 8:45, you might have seen something spectacular: A huge greenish-blue light that shot through the air. 

It was captured on camera by a few people—most notably, on the dash camera of a driver in San Antonio who uploaded it to YouTube under the username “Shadeth.” Check it out below:  

That video has captured a lot of imaginations (it currently has over a million views on YouTube), with comments from hundreds of others who saw the light. 

Most likely, of course, it was a meteor (though that hasn’t been 100% confirmed, so if you want to believe it was aliens or a government conspiracy or something, you do you), and it appears that it may have landed somewhere near Maverick County, along the border between Laredo and Del Rio, according to CNN

It’s possible meteorites from the fireball hit the ground, [Dr. Bill] Cooke [lead for NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office] said.

To find out, investigators will be looking at things like weather radar data, he said.

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department reported around 8:45 p.m. that the ground shook when a meteorite landed, the National Weather Service in San Antonio said.

It was a relatively rare event that occurred late enough at night that they sky was dark, but early enough that many people were outside to see it, which is unusual even for giant meteor landings (although “giant” is a relative term—a meteorite the size of a grain of sand is bright enough, when coming through the atmosphere, to be seen from the surface). There’s not much more to say about it right now—although if, 30 years from now, a mysterious alien superhero in red and blue tights and a cape starts flying around, you can say “I remember when…”