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Where Does Your Town Rank On The List Of “Most Exciting Texas Cities”?

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“Exciting” is an inherently subjective adjective, and one that can’t be quantified objectively. Everyone has a similar baseline for what a word like “beautiful” means, but one person’s “exciting” may well be an agoraphobic neighbor’s definition of a hellish nightmare. That didn’t stop the folks at real estate blog Movoto from attempting to rank the top ten cities in Texas on a scale of “most exciting,” though—or, as they’re apparently calling it, a scale of “Galveston” to “Bryan.” 

It’s a weird list, in other words, where Galveston—a place with a beach, yes—ranks above more, ahem, widely acknowledged places like Austin, Dallas, and Houston by claiming the top spot. All three of those cities do place, though, which puts them ahead of Dullsville, Texas (population 1.38 million bored nerds)—also apparently known as San Antonio. El Paso—and the entirety of West Texas—also fails to make the list. 

If the methodology for determining the list seems a bit suspect (and, yeah, it sure does), Movoto offers a vague suggestion that it did consider various factors

We chose these places based on data, size, and a whole lot more than just our own personal opinions. In addition, these places were picked from a list of only the 100 most populated places in the state, so if you’re from a smaller location, you won’t see yourself on the list. 

Using “data” to determine that Conroe (pictured above during its annual parade) is more exciting than Dallas—and that San Antonio and El Paso don’t rank at all—is better than not using data, we suppose, but it’s hard to figure out what data that might be. That’s nothing against Conroe, of course—we like an outlet mall as much as anybody—but the argument that it’s a more exciting place than Dallas or San Antonio is hard to make. 

Still, it’s nice to see places like Conroe, San Marcos, Tyler, New Braunfels (Schiltterbahn, represent!), and Bryan get some time in the sun, alongside—or even ahead of—their more high-profile neighbors. But the residents—presumably so consumed with their full-time exciting lifestyles that they have no time to dwell on lists—were probably not sweating it to begin with.

1. City of Galveston
2. City of Austin
3. City of Houston
3. City of Conroe
5. City of Dallas
6. City San Marcos
7. City of McAllen
8. City of Tyler
8. City of New Braunfels
10. City of Bryan

(image via Flickr)

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  • Veronica

    Sorry. But South Padre Island/Port Isabel has MUCH nicer beaches than Galveston. If those realtors use the Galveston beach as an indicator, they need to take another look down here.

  • Anne

    Well, won’t that make crazy ole Tilman reeeaal happy.

  • Gloria

    Don’t understand San Antonio and South Padre Island not making the list!!

  • Daniel Miller

    If a real estate blog defines your city as boring, it probably means that your city is affordable and full of real local culture.

    Hello, San Antonio!

  • puppybone69

    What a joke! San Antonio, with TWO amusement parks, isn’t even in the top 10? EPIC FAIL, TM!

    • Kheatherg

      Uh, Texas Monthly didn’t come up with this list. Read the article. Who had the epic failure now? That would be puppybone69.

  • James Peinado

    Well that’s like, just your opinion man. Gotta represent the 915, mountains and mexico – hurricanes > jellyfish infested beaches.

  • Anyah Martinez

    Little d (Denton) is awesome. What’s up????

  • Kay

    Bryan, Texas? Seriously? Over San Antonio?

  • kiki

    How did Denton not make this list?!?! We have our own music festival… well 2 (sx35 and jazz fest) and our own movie festival. We produce a decent amount of actors and musicians. I don’t understand how Mcallen got on here and we didn’t!

  • Laurie Harrison

    Conroe? Really?

  • TexasOnMyMind

    Definitely not hotbeds of excitement, but smaller cities that grew and prospered in earlier oil-boom times (the 1900s through 1920s), like Beaumont, Wichita Falls and San Angelo, merit mention. Driving around these cities to view the mansions that were built with the profits from “black gold” (and ranching and railroads) is certainly worth a day trip!

  • Don Radcliff

    What–no Center??? But we’re–like–the CENTER, man! You think we gave ourselves this name? Show us some respect.

  • Wilson James

    Bryan? Bryan? Add in College Station and it is still the most boring single place in America, less Texas. Unless your idea of excitement is watching college morons vomit out of maroon truck windows.

  • Larry Harrison

    C’mon…. Corpus Christi is the gateway to excitement

  • ZH38

    McAllen? What do they do, watch the illegals race across the border?