Our love of Willie Nelson knows no bounds, but it somehow still managed to grow to previously-unimaginable levels when we discovered that, on his official YouTube channel, Texas’ national troubadour is now hosting “Card Tricks With Willie,” in which he shows off some of his favorite things to do with a deck of cards to an unsuspecting guest.

We’re not actually sure that Willie will be revisiting “Card Tricks With Willie,” but someone who works for him created a fancy-looking graphic (tantalizingly titled “Trick #1”) to introduce a six-minute video in which he shows off an epic card trick to a woman sitting across the table from him on the bus.

The trick is more of a rambling story told through sleight-of-hand than a “pick a card, any card!” style carny game, which feels appropriate coming from Willie Nelson. He explains the premise after he painstakingly counts out the 52 cards in the deck: A rich guy and a porter, in a hotel, arrange a poker game. The duo’s adventures unfold through a story that Willie dictates through the cards (while his guest cuts the deck to ensure fairness). It’s a pretty low-key, low-budget video (the camera doesn’t move), but it’s also a look at Willie Nelson, the 81-year-old national treasure, and at least one of the ways that he likes to unwind is as charming as all get-out. Here’s hoping “Card Tricks With Willie” debuts “Trick #2” as soon as possible.

Check out the video below: