Amy Nelson, daughter of Willie, started working on her documentary about Ben Dorcy—her father’s 90-year-old roadie—eleven years ago. Now it’s finally almost done. In King of the Roadies, Dorcy, who has been with Willie since the sixties, might receive his cinematic due.

Of course, given that this is the era of crowdfunding, Amy Nelson needs your help. To that end, Nelson is trying to raise the final $100,000 for the project on kickstarter, and, to make it worth your while to contribute, she’s offering some access to and memorabilia from her famous father. Rewards include a thank-you letter from Willie himself, backstage passes to the 4th Of July picnic (this year back in Austin after some time in Ft. Worth), a signed guitar autographed by Willie, or a dinner date with Kinky Friedman. 

(We’d hazard a guess that if she doesn’t hit the target, her dad might offer up a chance to shake his own hand.) 

Dorcy’s life is fascinating—Paul Cullum told his story in text form in Texas Monthly back in March, and we suspect the silver-screen version of his 65 years in the music business, many of which were spent at Willie’s side, would make a hell of a thing to see. 

Take a look at the teaser for King Of The Roadies below: 

(image via Facebook)