The line for brisket at Austin’s Franklin Barbecue takes a long time, but it’s not forever. You know what is forever, though? Marriage. And now, lo, those two things have come together. As our friends at Eater Austin reported this morning, the first Franklin Barbecue marriage has occurred while the couple were waiting in line for their meal.

They arrived at the restaurant’s line early, with friends, judge, and wedding license in tow, cleared through Aaron Franklin beforehand. The pair decided on the famed barbecue institution as the setting for their special day because “they love Franklin,” Franklin told Eater.

Stunt weddings are nothing new to Austin’s hipper spots, though they are new to the Franklin line. In 2011, a happy couple was married in the comedy tent at the city’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, with the ceremony performed by aging alternative icon Henry Rollins. As tourists, barbecue fiends, and Candy Crush Saga enthusiasts alike stood and waited for their smoked meats, though, they presumably had no idea that this would be the happiest day of their fellow line-waiters’ lives—nor that, after the ceremony, the happy couple would continue waiting until the shop actually opened before they could be served. (If Kanye can’t skip the line, nobody outside of the president can skip the line, apparently.) This is all pretty exciting stuff—and we can’t wait to read about it in the New York Times sometime in 2021.

Congrats to our first couple #marriedatfranklinbbq.

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